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MH:Snowy Mountain

another Monster Hunter fan art.

pencils on A3 paper and pscs3.

this one take longer than i expected, soooo many changes along the way especially the background AND the monster appearance. T_T
and its my first time to paint over my own lines, so its kinda trial and error. :D

comments are welcome, but critics are the ones i need the most.
tell me what you think, i still need to learn a loooooot... :)

Monster Hunter is definitely owned by Capcom.

blood brushes [link] by :iconbombay101:
rock textures taken from [link]
metal texture downloaded from mayang (unfortunately they shut down the site :( )
special thanks to :iconfaysea: for being my third eye on this :w00t:

full view is most appreciated. :thanks:
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awesome, but i think it would look cooler with the khezu more noticeable, who knows though. im not nearly as good so who am i to say anything haha.
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yeah i got that comment too from guys in my studio, but.. i guess the idea was to make it as subtle as it can be. perhaps i can try another piece with moar fierce khezu (or maybe red khezu!) :D

thanks alot dude!
Blackrose1125's avatar
Unbelievable! I love that picture! The attention to detail, especially on his face, not to mention the khezu's mouth which looks kinda scary.
arf's avatar
thank you very much dude! thanks for noticing the details, much appreciated! :thanks:
khezu is scary indeed... :D
HendryRoesly's avatar
hehe.. keren, arf :D...
arf's avatar
tengkyu bro :D
blackcatdead's avatar
set dah..paling demeen deh sama sudut di kanan.. putih2 gmn gitu
arf's avatar
putih2 gmana gitu? gmana tuh? :D

lu cabut jam brpa td pagi? masuk pagi tumben.
blackcatdead's avatar
hiiiiiiii sereeeemmmmm

udah ditelepon :iconbloodykirka: jadi harus cabuttt... hehehe.. padahal masih mau tidur2an.. :D..
scabrouspencil's avatar
wow i like the feel of it!
arf's avatar
thanks alot bro, alot of mistakes in proportion tho. ;p
c0ffecat-jun's avatar
asa 3D... jd inget lich king... :P

colonel yakiniku !
arf's avatar
iye gw jg pas uda kelar jd keingetan si lich king itu. haha.. :D

wah ga bisa dong, cm koment pertama yg dpt kolonel, lu dptnya es tawar doang gpp ye.. ;p
c0ffecat-jun's avatar
boleh deh, pake gula ya~
artHeLLo's avatar
mantabh ommmmm...
arf's avatar
tengkyu boss... :)
artHeLLo's avatar
sama sama mas..
ekoputeh's avatar
jadi pengen bikin juga
cuman bingung ,...
banyak banget characternya
keren brotha!!
arf's avatar
ayo main gamenya biar ga bingung pilih yg mana. :D
ekoputeh's avatar
gak ah ,..
pilih pake kancing baju aja
mana yang kereen!!
plue's avatar
yo bro.sorry gw salaah nebakk..ternyata bukan tigrex yak..wkakwa..maap maap, bro,gw kritik pake msn aje ye :D

keep hunting and PLAY 2nd G,bitc*!
ehehhe..seperti biasa..i lap yu, gw lebih demen yang satunya..heuheuhue..lebih bikin gw ngaceng .
arf's avatar
ntar deh yg satu lg bikin pk tigrex. :D

ga mao 2ndG aaah, puas2in MHF2 dulu ampe katam. ;p

bagusan yg kmaren ye. huehehe. sip ntar bikin lg yg model gitu deh. :w00t:
antonizzle's avatar
arf's avatar
indeeeed! :D
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