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Haunted House

Something i did as a class exercise called 'Matte Painting' :D
Tutorial available at ;)

I merely 'painted' over a picture and edited in "damage" to the house etc

Time: approx 3hrs
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great job...thanks
Very spooky looking. I love the raging storm in the background and lightning. 
i love it!! congratulations, i see a lot version of this matte painting and your's is realy good!! (sorry for my bad english)
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Not so good, around the house you will see the blue color from the original blue sky, the treebrushes are to dark against the scene :psychotic:

But a good try to copy the tutorial from here -> [link]
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This is a beautiful piece, nya~! :D
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wonderfull work very creepy
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Beautiful work!!
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Hi. I have featured your artwork in my journal, I hope you don't mind :)
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Even though its a haunted house, its a pretty one lol just because of the little details on it, and the forked stairs, and all the levels of it. i particularly like that little porch on the 2nd story :D id always liked old houses like this lol so you said it was made with a picture and you added all the damaged parts. this is a realy house then? with the forked stairs? ive just never seen a house with them :D you did a very good job :D :D
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Very good! I like the details you added to give the house a weathered look, it is rather spooky! Well done!
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cool! you should make the backgrounds to my scary storie!

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hi! im very impressed with your work! i want to print a background with that image to take some photos for halloween, but i need a bigger image to do that... i want to know if u would send me the same image but bigger please! my email is if u say yes... i hope so...
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I did that tut too..I think you got a very nice result from it. How did you do the lightnings? I wasn't able to get them right when I tried. My result is at [link] btw. I think you should include the original, it's always interesting with matte paintings.
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you live there dont you =)
nice work
I like the looks of the whole thing and the errie feeling you get from it.
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wahh so detail!!!!pea you are super human!! *ohh i forgot you're a peanuts after all XD*
AreYoU's avatar
yes imma lil peanut small n round~ wait....i hav no hands!!!!! WAHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
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wow..a peanut that can do graphix....i want~~:D
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Waah peachan that's scary .. but somehow very cool ... it really suits you somehow, I think ... it's so dark and scary, but it looks really good, dunno how you make it so good...
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suits meh? hmmmmm....i guess if u like "destroying" a perfectly good house... XD
i din make it look good...photoshop did :D lolz
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i this is teh coolies!!11one!1

spooky.. just like peachan. XD
*runz to save place*
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uh not spooky....[ goes n looks for maya with her chainsaw ]
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