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My Bio
I'm a high school student, and I might not be good at what I do, but I like doing it. I am an actor, writer, photographer and graphic artist.

Unfortunately I do not have much to work with. Funds are low, subjects are nonexistent, and talent is not ideal. In the end, there's only one thing I can do: work with what I have, don't give a rat's ass, let my imagination free, and be who I want to be.

Favourite Movies
Musicals, Comedies, Thrillers (Little Shop of Horrors is like... all 3!)
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Sherlock, Torchwood, Community
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
MIKA, Coldplay, Florence + the Machine
Favourite Books
The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, And Then There Were None, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Favourite Writers
Agatha Christie, Suzanne Collins, JK Rowling
Favourite Games
Tools of the Trade
My Canon T1i, Photoshop, Paint.NET
Other Interests
Photography, digital art, acting, writing and a million more
Huzzah. I'm done with this account... it was made 4 years ago to showcase my piece of shit design "skill" So... since I reinvented this account... it just seemed awkward to be on it. Therefore, I'm moving. Go follow ~Madjikly ( please! I've already uploaded a small handful of my favourite pictures to it. Bye bye! Oh, and if I watch you, I've already added you on my new account.
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I honestly don't like being in relationships. They're filled with drama, fake emotions, hormones, stress, pressure, and desertion. Why in the world would I want this right now in my life? I don't need to feel loved; my friends show me that I am daily. I don't need sex, either... Especially being a drama student. ;P (well, it isn't real sex just to clear things up, just a lot of moaning, groping, and fully-clothed straddling. nbd.) Also, I suck with commitment. It's not like I'm going to cheat on whoever I'm with, but I won't last long in a relationship. I can't keep going along with anything for an extended period of time, not even things t
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Okay, so I just uploaded an image that I had no intentions of uploading. After a week of uploading my favourite pictures, most of them go unnoticed. Then, I find one on my computer that I wasn't really a fan of (mostly due to crappy focusing) and I upload it without any editing. .... It gets two favourites. What. The. FUCK?!
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[link] You might find this interesting. ^^
EW! Bubbles like that creep me out.

Yeah, out of all of that, it's the bubbles that I can't look at.
Seriously? It was the bubbles making the closeup of the eyes that creeped me out, not the bubbles themselves. And yet I draw my aliens with lots of eyes, just not.. THAT kind. o_o
Just a group of bubbles pressed up to each other gives me the chills. It subconsciously reminds me of the inside of a wasp/hornet/bee thing. I'm a whackjob, don't mind me
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Thanks for faving! ♥
Thank you for sharing my photo! I really appreciate that! :D
Sorry for taking forever to reply, but YOU ARE WELCOME! It is a fantastic picture!