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Wintery Smooches

Mickey and Minnie Mouse enjoying a smooch under the mistletoe. :smooch:

These were for sale at the Days of Christmas shop at Downtown Disney. I just set the camera down on the table in front of them and took their picture. :D

And this is for those who like Valentine's Day. ;) I'm not a fan, but it's for different reasons than most.

Photo is rotated, cropped, sepia overlay and desaturated a bit. I tried it full black and white but didn't quite like it, so tried it this way instead. The original is rather yellow from all the lighting in the shop. :paranoid:
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800x647px 413.6 KB
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1/30 second
Focal Length
18 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 18, 2007, 8:35:38 PM
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aaw i love disney for it's cuteness :D :D
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Me three. As well as its action heroes (e.g. Herc, Sora, etc.) and advnetures(e.g. Adventureland and Animal Kingdom)
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Aw adorebale photo here
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AreteEirene's avatar
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really beautiful photo, perfect lighting
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Thank you :D

I was lucky enough to be able to set the camera down on the table. Otherwise the lighting was a bit dim on the inside of the store.
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So lovely!!! I love this pose of the two of them, all decked out for the holidays. Precious. :heart:

I really like your colors. The sepia tone is perfect. :aww:
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Thank you :D

I did play around with tones for a bit. The original was really yellow due to the store lighting, so the sepia worked out nicely. :)
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Can i give you a tip, since you have a rebel?

You can change the quality to shoot in RAW (or preferably RAW+JPG if that is possible - because raw takes a long time to load on the puter)

For photoshop, you can download a plugin to open them (I think in CS2 it is already incorporated) and there are dozens of other programs out there that do the same thing.

Then you can still change the white balance on your computer, for example, making this pic less yellow.
Not only that, but you can make the image bigger, brighter, or give it more shadows, all without any loss of quality. you can basically do everything with it, you can do with the filmnegatives from an analog cam.

RAW images are usually very big (approx. 1 meg for each megapixel your cam has, eg 6meg for a 6mpxl camera) but once you have seen how much you can change the image, by just pulling some sliders, you will never want to go back to just JPG shooting. (you would be the first :) )

now, I really like your disney photography! You have a great eye fot detail. I also love the firework shots !!
oh, and thanks for answering my Q's in the parkhoppers club :D
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I actually know all about RAW. :)

But I didn't have enough memory on my cards last trip to allow me to shot as much as I would like if I shot in RAW.
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ahhh, ok :)

Maybe I can interest you in an cardreader/cdwriter all-in-one. Don't even need a computer to make it work!
I have one, and I take it with me on all my disney trips, "trusty blue" (can you guess it's color?) has never let me down :lol: they're pretty cheap too, about 100$ will buy you one.
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I've got a cardreader for my iPod. If I'm desperate I can dump everything in there and reuse my card. :D I'm always a bit reluctant though, to bring my iPod with me into Disney. I usually leave it locked in the hotel safe. :paranoid:
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featured in my journal
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Wow, I had that... dunno where it is ; ;
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Oh yeah? :D We couldn't buy anything fragile last trip because we flew.
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Simply adorable!!!
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