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Spaceship Earth Christmas

Epcot's Spaceship Earth. :love:

The lights in the corners are the Christmas Arches. You can see them here: [link] or here: [link]

The white lights you can see here: [link]

Zip Pack includes the following resolutions: (click download if you'd like one of them ;))
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This is featured at [link]

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something you'll never see again!
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At least I have my pictures. :iconsadtardplz:
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I cannot get over the composition! The arches and fountain frame Spaceship Earth SO WELL. I also see a little bit of the Club Cool sign there. (:

Also I have to say, I love your nighttime photography.
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Thank you so much! :D

I definitely took advantage of the extra hours that night so I could mill around with nobody there.

And now I want free Coke at Club Cool.
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How long was the exposure on this shot?

And I want some Kinley from Club Cool! I haven't been there in a year.
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Exposure was probably around 8 seconds, give or take a second or two on either side. :)
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This is so pretty!
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you positioned this so perfectly.
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Nice composition and exposure!
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Nice! I like how you used the existing light display to frame it.
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Thank you :D

There was no one around so I could take my time to frame just how I wanted.
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You’re welcome :)

It's great when that happens :D
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Ahhh, so gorgeous! :love:
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Thanks! :D

I'm really fond of this one. I have it as my own desktop right now.
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Amazing composure of this piece! I can't imagine a better frame than the dancing lights of the Arches. ^^ Plus the color on Spaceship Earth paired with the fountain and white dove lights just make it better!
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Thank you! :D

It was so late when I took this; almost no one was left in the park, so I could take my time and get set up just as I wanted.
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