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Iaito by Aret Iaito :iconaret:Aret 1 2
A Memory of My Mother
One of the best memories I have of my mom is from just a couple months before my wedding. I was multitasking by chatting with her on the phone and checking my email. As we were discussing some last minute details, an email came in from the hotel i'd booked for the reception saying they were going to tack on another $200 "seating fee" or some such nonsense.
I wasn't concerned (I wasn't going to pay it, obviously) but I made some offhand comment about it to mom.
"Forward me that email," she said. "I will deal with this."
I did, and thought nothing more of it until later that evening. She copied me on an email she sent back to the hotel. Also copied was their head of marketing and the owner of the hotel chain. It was a solid two page lecture on keeping to the terms of contracts, threatening lawyers and the media on them, and guilt tripping them for trying to take advantage of a young couple.
No kill like overkill, it was like putting out a candle with a fire hose. It was a work of art. I
:iconaret:Aret 0 3
Three years went by like a gasp.
Did you know that I moved back to the place where we started? Found a good job finally? That I bought a new car? That I bought a house? We’re thinking of starting a family in a year or two. I connected again with an old friend. Dropped some bad habits, picked up some new ones. You would understand. You always knew me better than anyone.
Did you know that I still remember? A phone call. A scream. The sour taste of tears and a fierce stabbing pain. Fear. Anger. Guilt. My accomplishments all turn to ashes as I pick up the phone to call you and remember I can’t. Remember why. I don’t even have your number anymore. They took that away from me.
I’m trying so hard. Trying to laugh like you said you wanted me to. Trying to say goodbye far too late.
I miss you so much.
:iconaret:Aret 1 1
The Blizzards and The Puppies by Aret The Blizzards and The Puppies :iconaret:Aret 6 5 Plush Geekery by Aret Plush Geekery :iconaret:Aret 4 3
Mature content
Longing :iconaret:Aret 3 7
Coke Kitty by Aret Coke Kitty :iconaret:Aret 7 14
Nature is Beautiful
In the middle of an enormous forest, there is a clearing that would make even the coldest, most apathetic person gasp in awe, had it ever been seen by human eyes. The grass is a deep, emerald green and as soft as the finest silk. Tiny flowers like gems dot the area and seem to glow and sparkle, even when in shadow. A tiny stream trickles musically through near the edge, and the water is crystal clear, revealing thousands of polished stones. All of this, and yet by far the most astonishing thing is the tree which grows in the center and seems to stretch to the very heavens. Poets might spend years or decades simply composing to the patterns the sun makes as it filters through the leaves to flicker gently across the ground, or to the sound of the breeze gently rustling through the branches.
It is towards this clearing that Susan runs, her heart pounding frantically in her chest, her lungs burning with the strain of taking one more breath. Frantically she tries to find the easiest route f
:iconaret:Aret 9 60
Mother by Aret Mother :iconaret:Aret 3 3 Zero Space Workspace by Aret Zero Space Workspace :iconaret:Aret 2 8 Sapphire Bracelet by Aret Sapphire Bracelet :iconaret:Aret 0 3
Although the skies were clear and the days warm and bright, lightning still struck our small city by the lake.  It had seemed a laughable declaration at the beginning of spring, by mid-summer we were all thinking it. The lightning was attacking.
Driving through the city today, I couldn't help but notice how empty it felt. Many people had fled the lightning strikes which wrecked homes and businesses and parks, though they took no lives and no one was even injured who was smart enough to stay away from the destruction. As we drove through the city, Dad going a determined ten kilometres under the speed limit as always, I couldn't help but stare at the most recent victim, a small playground near a cluster of cookie-cutter houses. It was a mess of burned and blackened plastic, melted steel all twisted and warped. We passed by several other locations that looked exactly the same. Some had people wandering aimlessly through, trying to clean up or salvage something from the mess. It
:iconaret:Aret 0 4
Forum Whores Party... Hard?
The party was a work of art. There were llamas. There were horses. There were guards for the horses in case CindarellaPop tried to glue horns to them and call them unicorns. There were dictionaries for the inevitable arguments about word use, and cameras for SylverKitsune to camwhore with. Everyone was handed black and green hats in a variety of styles. The walls were covered in pink to appease LOVEintheSNOW. Foxbane had been convinced to bring cuddly skunks, whether flashing green or not. I, typically, had discreetly placed handcuffs and whips in various locations. A party just isn't a party without some kinky happenings, am I right?
The problem started with the DJ. A furious debate over what was good music for parties ended with several of the participants beating each other over the head with history books and CDs. The frightened DJ tried to escape and crashed into a llama, prompting another debate over animal rights and what constitutes animal abuse. The llama panicked and crashed
:iconaret:Aret 5 9
Body Language
I would say my favourite thing about you
is your eyes
You told me once in a rare moment of peace
that you love my smile
When you look at me it feels like a caress
or a sentence
Everything I could never figure out how to say
shows on my face
I know you understand because your answer
is right there
Words only let me hear your voice
:iconaret:Aret 1 0
Food Not-Pyramid by Aret Food Not-Pyramid :iconaret:Aret 28 38
Segment one: The Call
The call came at exactly midnight. Cursing the flair for the pointlessly dramatic that caused her to be pulled out of her warm covers just for a chat, Alex slumped out of bed to the floor and used the chill of the wood to wake her up. Struggling to her feet and dressing quickly, she eased out the door and crept along the hallway, sending a silent plea into the night that she wouldn't wake her sleeping guest. Once she was safely out the back door, she leaned back momentarily and sighed deeply in relief.
The call came again, more insistent, so that she took an involuntary step forward before catching herself and pulling back.
"I'm coming, you impatient jerk, I heard you the first time," she said under her breath, starting across the garden towards the gate, shivering and swatting at insects. By the time she reached the place where he was waiting, her annoyance had grown into full blown fury.
"You know I hate being called out in the middle of the night like this, Jack," she hissed at him,
:iconaret:Aret 1 3

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A Fight Breaks Out

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 3, 2015, 11:41 AM
The difference between an art that uses imaginary opponents and one that uses real ones is party understanding and partly focus.

Without a real target, lots of confusion and mistakes pop up that are pretty easily fixed if you find a way to get an opponent in there. That said, it requires focus to "see" the invisible enemy, that dude who is about your height and only slightly less skilled. If you put a weapon in the hands of people who spar, it's harder to get them to focus on drilling moves and process.

Technically each move we learn ends with the attacker escaping, but it's very easy to just flow into all the other moves. Which is how I ended up in a battle yesterday when I should've been drilling properly. It's hard to practice dodging for the millionth time when I've just learned how to catch a strike, hip check the opponent and stab him in the gut. And of course, if I lose focus and fight, my opponent realizes that dying is less interesting than moving to parry and striking back.

Free flow sparring may be the most fun thing I've learned. It's killer on my ability to focus though. Also my hands. My heavily bruised hands. The kendo folks get armor but we get... a first aid kit. XD

Guess I'm not a jedi yet.

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