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Adir and the SkyQueen 5: Scars across the Valley
“There it is!” Adir called from Spyro's back. Jacquelyn flew up next to him to get better hearing high up in the sky.
    “What is?” she asked. Adir pointed towards a clearing in the swamps. Once they dived under the dense canopy, they were coming into view of a large dome building that laid in ruins. Vines and creepers that had grown unchecked on almost every corner of the sandstone structure, and the cracks on once-magnificent gold effigies now weathered by time, were all the tell-tale signs that this place had been long condemned before it was regained.
    “It’s the temple!” Spyro answered as he flew towards the bridge that led before the great crumbling gates.
    “Temple?” said Jacquelyn inquisitively.
    “Yeah,” Adir replied. “This was the place where other dragons like Ignitus once guarded the sacred dragon eggs until they hatched, and could've le
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Sky Queen page 16 by ares12 Sky Queen page 16 :iconares12:ares12 14 5 Signs by ares12 Signs :iconares12:ares12 7 4 Sky Queen page 15 by ares12 Sky Queen page 15 :iconares12:ares12 8 2 10 Year Challenge by ares12 10 Year Challenge :iconares12:ares12 1 1 How the new tu quoque works by ares12 How the new tu quoque works :iconares12:ares12 12 5
Adir and the SkyQueen 4: Escape from Cynder (?)
Adir followed Jacquelyn around the twisting halls of the dungeon. Their path was illuminated only by the dim glows of candle lights that were slowly dying from neglect. So far, there was no army of apes ahead to impede the two heroes, not that it was anything that the two couldn't handle by now. The only impending danger up ahead would be any laid traps along the way that Cynder might've rigged like the deadly pendulum before. Fortunately, there were none so far, just as the two discovered a small cell carved into the wall that shivered lowly with frightened voices. Adir plucked a candle that hanged from the wall and darted past his friend to peer in through the iron bars. Within the enveloping blackness, he saw a middle-aged woman huddled with two children; one was a girl who looked to be slightly younger than Sky Queen, and the other was a boy younger than Adir.
    “Adir, it’s you!” cried the woman, her thin arms stretched out through the bars
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Breakable by ares12 Breakable :iconares12:ares12 13 11
Air and the Sky Queen 3: Decadent Deception
Cynder was brooding within the heart of her black domain as her servants entered her court with the meddling samurai and the strange woman in tow.
   “Mistress!” The head ape bowed as he presented the unconscious captives. Cynder said nothing, yet her hard, reptilian eyes glared with intensity upon Adir. She thought she was once rid of him nearly a year ago. Pitiful! Even after the boy survived their encounter, gained the power that the prophecy foretold and the skills necessary to help fulfill that prophecy, he was still weak and pathetic without his dragon guardian Spyro. This time the prophecy would finally die with him, she thought, but just then her cold eyes shifted over to the strange woman in blue.
   “Who is this creature?” She said impatiently. The head ape pulled Sky Queen's head up by her pixie hair so that Cynder could have a better look.
   “It's a human, your highness.” The head
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Sky Queen page 14 by ares12 Sky Queen page 14 :iconares12:ares12 44 2
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Slave Leia :iconares12:ares12 33 4
Response to a rebuttal to bile by ares12 Response to a rebuttal to bile :iconares12:ares12 6 17


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I hope someday to be recognized as a great writer in my own rights.
I am also an amateur artist, so I am in no way professional. I am an appreciative art geek who likes to order commissions whenever I can afford it. Most of the images in my gallery are other artist's works I had paid for, but I have their permission to share them here. If you like a piece commissioned to yourself, I always provide a link to the artist.
Check out their page, get a commission from them if you want to since they could always use the hard-earned cash.


Riri Williams isn't even related to Tony Stark, meaning that they could still make a solo movie of the character without disrupting anything canon (not that she was even that popular or great of a character to begin with). Seriously though, do these idiots not even read the very comics that's been written for them?

So... is Charles still in that wheelchair?

Reminder: The uploader of this video does not vindicate nor condone violence against liberals and leftwingers, nor do I. This is simply a hypothetical scenario with a plausible outcome... which is this: The Right-leaners are better equipped, more motivated, and are less reliant on infrastructure to survive. What does the Left possess in their arsenal? Milkshakes, Twitter, and arrogance.
Screenshot 2019-05-31 17.06.07 by ares12
So apparently, threatening people with violence into silence is laughable unless they're wearing MAGA hats and threatening people with... mean words? We used to have a word for that in America: terrorism.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 11.07.11 by ares12
Fucking media taking things out of context to exploit people's fears. Again. Seriously, what sledgehammer?
Now granted, he did tweet earlier that he didn't condone what those anti-Brexit people were doing with their milkshakes, only to make the next tweet above later, including a spoofed image he made of members of the Brexit and UKIP Party being assaulted with milkshakes ( of which I refuse to call it a meme under protest that the Left still can't meme). So not only what he said about not condoning assault not make any sense, but it pretty much nullifies whatever excuse he can, or ever did, make about being an objective or moderate person. I think they call that being a bloody, blinkered bloke.

By that logic, I can pretty much make this emoji Gun Tard :iconjollyjack: , laugh, and not get any flak for it if I claim that I don't condone violence against those whom I disagree with, yeah? Yes, I know that this is probably the fifth time or so that I've ranted about the Spotted Dick in the past. It gets pretty exhausting calling him out, even if I were to feel remiss about not saying anything. So it's about time I actually took the moment to talk about something that I should've brought up a while ago. Whether anyone here will read this or not is somewhat incidental, although I do hope that my followers will take the time to read this, reflect upon this, and share their opinions. What I really wanted to talk about is why I should stop giving Spotted Dick so much attention, and why you should too.

Screenshot 2019-05-31 17.07.59 by ares12Translation:  Self Absorbed by ares12
When I heard through Youtube that the Brexit Party had won the most seats in the European Parliament elections in the UK… , I had something akin to an epiphany. What happened last month across the Atlantic Ocean was an echo of what happened on the night of November the eighth 2016. The majority of the mainstream media, the current academia, and the Entertainment industry in the US was banking on their preferred candidate to win, regardless of whatever qualms that we the people had. They didn't care about what we thought, whether we were conservative or moderate. They didn't care if some conservative policies we advocated for such as protected borders and pro-life alternatives had merit. They didn't even care if we considered other Republican candidates. To them, we were colloquially cis-white, mansplaining, homophobic Nazis who simply thought differently (and just wanted to play some video games).
The 5 second encounter by ares12
circa 2015. The memories.
Yet, despite all of their money and influence, it wasn't their smear campaigns or threats that won the votes that night. It had quite the opposite effect that even I didn't anticipate because I didn't really believe my vote counted for much. That night proved me wrong, and I'm reminded of that again when I saw the results of the MP elections in the UK. We didn't win because of the Russians or a faulty miscalculation in the ballot system, I think we won because all of our default perspectives in life were dramatically transformed by a disturbing understanding of the true nature of them. By them, I think you can name some off the top of your heads (and in easily memorable acronyms that a three-year-old could remember, which makes me wonder if that was intentional to make indoctrination go smoothly): Antifa, SJWs, BLM, Third Wave Feminism, Globalism, and the LGBTQ.
I recently posted a video of an article that journalist Tim Pool covered about the Trump baby blimp being deflated and someone in the comment section made this interesting comment that sums what I'm trying to delineate pretty well:

The deflating of the Trump baby blimp is symbolic of how fragile the far-left ideology is. It's full of nothing but air, and it's easily defeated.

In regards to the far-left and the neo-imperialist ideology of the EU, they're right. The people of the UK made that pretty clear twice (June 23, 2016 in which 51.9 percent of those voting supported leaving the EU), and it's not just the UK getting red-pilled but also France, Hungary, and Italy with their recent advocacy of nationalism and populism. Although I don't yet fully understand what that would mean for the future of Europe exactly, I do know at least the reality of an EU empire will be nothing more than a pipe dream (I hope). 

Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.
-Henry Ford.

The people of the UK made their decision not to be ruled by a shady, autocratic oligarchy ruling across the English Channel. America chose not to be ruled by a cavalcade of cackling, condescending cutthroats so inflicted by envy and arrogance. That's why learning the truth for yourself and not relying on one source cannot be stressed enough in this era of fake news. At least I can take a particular glee that Spotted Dick was unhappy with the results.
Screenshot 2019-05-28 20.22.21 by ares12
The Trumpanzee says, Deal with it.

But now that the referendum had been decided, exploitation and slander are now the tools of the far-left, including Spotted Dick. He says he's making these Killcount and anti-Trump art to state his opinions, but God forbid that anyone should challenge them by citing so-called whataboutism or essays to counteract them. He's doing them for the same reason why SJW writers in the entertainment industry will crank out terrible reboots or retcons of popular franchises; movies, comic books, video games, you name it. They're not interested in civil discourse, or serious entertainment, or having their minds changed. They're doing it to troll people into giving them attention. Doesn't matter if it's terrible and alienating, because they know people will go to see it and rant about it just so they can throw their crap like this back at you and laugh,
A response to bile. by jollyjack

We're giving him what he wants because we're cutting a hole in ourselves for him to stick in a red hot umbrella and open it wider. But the truth is he ain't nothing but hot air. As long as we can remember that, it doesn't matter what he says. He may have his so-called opinions, but we're the ones witnessing the truth outside of mainstream perspectives such as mass migration doing more harm than good to Western countries and why Feminism is cancer. Despite the dispersions that we got for speaking against the social problems that the far-left ideology has generated, people outside of the political spectrum were able to see even a hinge of the truth and so made their voices know through the privacy of the voting booths. For that reason, I'm starting to see why going after Spotted Dick all of the time is a loser's game for us. Not because we're factually wrong, but because, as I mentioned before, he's not interested in looking at things from a different perspective. At least 4chan likes to troll people for fun, but he just does it to get under people's skin. All other viewpoints and philosophies are inferior except his own.
From this point on, I'm going to try giving him as little attention as possible no matter what he says. I would like to encourage my followers to do the same. We don't need to go acting like SJW's ourselves. We shouldn't be snowflakes ourselves when something or someone challenges our perspectives, be it gun control or immigration or pop culture, but just for disclosure, we won't let anyone punch or throw milkshakes at us. If we have to defend ourselves with our own fists, or God forbid our knives or guns, then so be it. They may throw us in prison for acting out of self-defense. Then, they may have our silence. Not our attention.


If only this costume was canon, contemporary comics today would suck less. Then again, Capcom might sue, if you know what I mean. But I...

Dear God, I can now imagine my Jack Russell Terrier on magic mushrooms when I see this. Once again, you've caught another picturesque i...

“By whose leave do ye come here?” said Mowgli. “All Jungles are our Jungle,” was the reply, and the dhole that gave it bared his white ...

It is difficult work to tell a scene in a comic book in few and condensed panels, but the payoff is amazing. What really gets me are Va...



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What started off perhaps with best intentions has escalated into a culture war in which the other side is giving up too easily out of an altruistic suicidal sense of guilt:….

This is what brings the alt-right extremists out of the woodwork, not because of some ridiculous theory that racism is deeply-rooted in only white people. It's easy for opponents of UKIP and American Conservatives to accuse us of endorsing some regressively dark age ideologies when they're not the ones persecuted by an actual regressively dark age ideology.
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