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OC MEME by Arerethousa OC MEME by Arerethousa
Porque soy asi? :\
Stolen from KiraYumi123

Anyways, you know the drill! Just comment!

As for OCs!

Saint Seiya: Piscis Austrinus Kimiko, Mensa Ariadna, Horologium Kaga, Pyxis Ao, Ara Natch, Volans Noelle, Piscis Austrinus Giselle (No tengo mas, me dan cosa ya. Hagan de cuenta que el resto de ellos no existen. En especial Shadha)
Naruto: Shiori Yukimura, Kotone Uzumaki, Chihiro Yuki, Hanatsuchi, Noiro, Korei y Tsubasa (Y todos los de TheWillOfFire que no sean dibujados por Hound, porque LMAO, no los voy a listar aqui)
Dynasty Warriors: Liu Qi (Lady Liu), Wang Li (Lady Wang), Guo Huai and Mai Cheng
Dragon Age: Solana Amell, Lyane Cousland
Vampire the Masquerade: Anna Pavlenka y Guinivere
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Beldarius Featured By Owner Edited Nov 30, 2016
I'll go with three just because~ Natch, Ao and Kaga.

(Wait, the rest don't exist? XD So my guys have been talking to ghosts?)
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Long story short: My ex enjoyed the female OCs and I don't want anything to do with him or anything that makes me remember him. So he can have them. I don't really care anymore.


1. His real name is Alfred. He wanted to change his name but was mispelled, and he is not going to change it. Nope, never.
2. Does remember his parents. But is the only topic he doesn't want to talk.
3. Does have an amazing memory and eye for detail. A shame he is a lazy ass.
4. He leaves everything to Plantress's Cid because he knows he's an overachiever.
5. I never decide whether I want his hair to be blonde or pink.
6. Because of ex, I moved his story for the original series and aged Kimiko.
7. Still was an asshole and a brat.
8. Cheesecake is his guilty pleasure.
9. Took him three years to woo Noelle.
10. He is actually a descent teacher.


1. They are quite dependent on each other.
2. Needless to say that Kaga is the dominant twin.
3. Kaga and Ao switches clothes when Kaga doesn't want to deal with students (Which is 99% of the time)
4. Kaga hates children and people, while Ao loves to be with others.
5. It's difficult to tell them apart. The eyebrows snitch them tho.
6. Kaga controls time to himself (Think of Kiritsugu of Fate/Zero), Ao is better at detecting cloths
7. Despite being an asshole, Kaga is a devout of Athena and Pope Shio and went to Japan when he saw that things were not right with that man. Ao obviously followed.
8. Kaga tested Kimiko with the intention to kill her. he detested her determination.
9. Of the two Ao will be the only one alive.
10. Ao will definitely need a psychologist.
Beldarius Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
...Make his hair both blond AND pink? :dummy: idk, Olivie does it.…

Ao and Kaga sound really, really good... there's also something familiar about the mean twin / nice twin thing. XD We both seem to have a thing for pairs like that.

And it's just the girls...? So Klaus and co. aren't ghosts yet... somehow that makes me a little relieved, knowing talking about them won't cause issues. ._.

La-de-dah, I'mma snitch this meme.
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XDDDD You did it! :dummy:

XD We sure do.

Like some of the girls. I am not touching Shadha, Shio or Ellen. I was about to put Sybille, but nah. I like Sybille. And I am not robbing of Gwydion of his boss for an ex.
KiraVonMeow Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I would love to hear about your Dragon Age and Dynasty Warriors OCs! //kicked
I didn't know you have a version of Nanfeng, though? I thought you had one of Jia Chong's other wife--
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Riiiiight! I forgot that I created Guo Huai! @_@ Let me change that! :dummy:

Now, incoming wall text!

Solana Amell

1. Her favorite features are her silver eyes. She says she looks "wolfish"
2. I inspired her appearance of Lyanna Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire.
3. She is bisexual
4. I paired her with Leliana
5. At first she freaked out when she caught Leliana guarding her while she slept, and got a lot to get used to it.
6. When she left the Mages Tower, at first she went like Rapunzel did when she left the tower... and then complained that her feet hurt.
7. She drove many merchants mad with the way she kept overcounting the coins
8. The first time she ever wore armor, she fell down on the floor.
9. She at first went to Tevinter to find a cure of the taint (With the idea of Ad Fontes)
10. She's an elemental mage, who prefers ice and fire.

Lyane Cousland

1. She is married to Alistair and is the Queen of Ferelden
2. She prefers doble swords and light armor, as it's comfortable to battle.
3. At parties she dress as most Ferelden as possible, especially in Orlais.
4. I think that if she ever conceives, she will use another use for blood magic.
5. Of the two in ruling, she was the most active at first, almost as domineering as Anora. Until she heard rumors that she was like a mother to his husband, so she became more "docile"
6. She enjoys giving her mabaris ridiculous names
7. She liked Alistair because he was such a freaking dork.
8. She likes to think herself as more sarcastic than his partner, but face it, he is the sass king.
9. She was my first warden and the only one I finished Origins with.
10. When she tries to find the cure for the taint, I want her to do so because she finally got herself with child and does not want to lose it.


Liu Qi (Lady Liu)

1. She is the oldest of Liu Shan's daughters
2. She got none of her mother's nature, having more of her father's personality.
3. The only thing she did learn from her mother was to use the sword. Her weapon is a rapier.
4. I do imagine breaking protocol and dressing as a servant to meet with Zhuge Zhan out of curiosity.
5. Though she is very clever, she does not want people to think her husband is weak minded or that she is too domineering, so she drop hints... a lot.
6. When she is surrounded, she plays the helpless act.
7. She enjoys writing and reading poetry
8. She is very good at playing various instruments.
9. She is also a good dancer.
10. She enjoys her husbands calligraphy a lot and she brags about it with the other ladies at court.

Wang Li (Lady Wang)

1. She was my first DW OC. Ever. I wanted to make a Wu character and I enjoy doing women.
2. Her weapon are throwing daggers.
3. She and Sun Luban hated each other, but because she was the Princess, she had to mind her tongue. The Princess on the other hand...
4. She was definitely a concubine before she was a wife, her father obviously offered her for political favors. She did not mind, duty and honor after all.
5. When I created her, she was going to be a pirate and the love interest of Gan Ning. But then I got bored of the idea.
6. Her design was made by Hestia-Sama
7. The only thing that she had from her old design were the color schemes. Her personality and her background changed completely after that.
8. Due to the nature of Bu Lianshi, the two of them were very close.
9. When she felt out of favor, the only solace she had was her son
10. The headpiece is the only thing she took from her home in Langya

Guo Huai

1. She is the only OC from DW that uses pants
2. She was always mannish and was willful as a child. 
3. They think she was jealous of Li Wan and the wet nurse, but she was just extremely prideful and Jia Chong hurt her pride too many times, according to her psyche.
4. Unlike your Li Wan, she believes in bloodshed and takes it on her to do the deed herself.
5. I based her character on Hera
6. She uses a whip as a weapon.
7. Between Jia Chong and her, she has the dominant personality
8. Even though they are divorced, Huai knows very well that Li Wan and Jia Chong still have feelings for each other. So she bowed to make their lives as miserable as she can.
9. She adores Jia Nanfeng, and she was the main influence over the girl.
10. Despite having such a flaw in character, Huai is very educated in politics.

Mai Chen.

1. She was the most fun to draw of all my DW OCs and was the 3rd character I created.
2. She was a dancer, known in the camp for being extremely pretty. Her weapon, a cyr wheel, is because of it. She just improvised.
4. She and Xu Huang met in camp and became lovers since then
5. The little she knows of fighting she learned from common soldiers and later she learned from her lover.
6. Eventually she will marry him and settle and give him sons
7. Of the characters, she is the least outspoken, preferring to act than to waste words.
8. Her beauty mark is greatest asset (Chan cha cha chaaaaan)
9. I don't see her surviving like the rest of my characters from DW tho.
10. I think she will die of disease.
gabysucre Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Mensa Ariana
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:dummy: Pam para paaaaam!

  1. Su fuerza monstruosa es 25% cosmos y 75% musculatura. Por eso se ve tan amazónica. Y ha levantado autobuses.
  2. Es Católica y aun muy devota a su religión.
  3. Su estilo de pelea es primariamente kick boxing.
  4. Fuma como una puta presa.
  5. Adora las mini faldas, aunque no lo creas.
  6. Adora el rock.
  7. Si no puede fumar, ella mastica goma de forma excesiva.
  8. Ella casi muere en su prueba final en Creta.
  9. Sus padres aun estan vivos, solo son Santos que viajan por el mundo entero, asi que Ari tuvo que criarse sola.
  10. Ese cabello marron es teñido, en realidad es rubia.
gabysucre Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Vaya, resulta interesante saber que es rubia, no lo esperaba XDDDDDDDDD
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XDDDDD Nadie sabe ese secreto y prefiere mantenerlo asi!
Ser-Mangosta-Sand Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2016
Hana XD

Pero Pero...Shadha!
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
>> Es que... Shadha me recuerda a él, junto con Ari, era su favorita. Y ya me da cosa
Ser-Mangosta-Sand Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
Eso es entendible XP
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Owwww gracias
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

1. Toda su apariencia es la de su abuelo paterno. La madre es pelirroja y el padre es rubio.

2. Su sueño era superar a Deidara y ser la Tsuchikage, cuando Kurotsuchi obtuvo el puesto, ella le bromeó que sería la siguiente pero igual se conformó con el liderazgo del Cuerpo Explosivo.

3. De adulto me basaré en O-Ren tanto en personalidad como en apariencia.

4. Casarse le fue la cosa más dura en su vida y fue una mala madre. Era demasiado negligente en ese aspecto y se arrepentirá de ello en su lecho.

5. Vivirá hasta tener 85 años.

6. Aún mantuvo contacto con su viejo equipo y aún siguen siendo los mejores amigos.

7. Ella canta muy bien, pero odia hacerlo. Si la ven cantando es porque está súper aburrida y no hay árboles donde trepar ni misiones

8. Tiene una colección de kimonos que no usa (Abrirá el repertorio después de la 4ta Guerra)

9. Tiene una voz muy Moe.

10. Si fuera por ella, se cortaría el cabello. Pero su madre da zapes muy duros
Ser-Mangosta-Sand Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
4.- (Uhhh eso da ideas)

7.- (Kameko usa botella de alcohol!)
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
4. Eso, más dramas para la futura Tsuchikage!

7. Hanatsuchi: Ay Ay Ay Ay, canta y no lloreeeeeees :music:
Ser-Mangosta-Sand Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Oyeme, la querias borracha? Ahi tienes a Hana borracha. Por suerte no es violenta, pero si es cantarina.
Ser-Mangosta-Sand Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
Y asi se la pasaban cantando XD
Arerethousa Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Noiro: ._. Ella canta?

Hanatsuchi: No llores por mi Argentinaaaaaaaaa (Con la botella de sake en mano)

Noiro: Al parecer ella canta .-.
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