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Comission for Beldi III: Elena and Bootsvorz by Arerethousa Comission for Beldi III: Elena and Bootsvorz by Arerethousa
Another bitch to finish @__@. Part III of the four commissions by :iconbeldarius:, her character Elena Vasilyeva and Future GPX Cyber Formula's Eldehi Bootsvorz, after Bootsvorz changes sides and the first thing he does is make a visit to a long lost partner.

 Future GPX Cyber Formula ©Hiroyuki Hoshiyama 
Beldarius Featured By Owner Edited Jul 10, 2016
These two are such cuties when they finally reconcile. XD I also think they might get a kid somewhere in 2023 or so~

A summary of this scene and what led to it:

Cyber Formula is an anime series by Sunrise (Gundam studio). There's a Russian driver called Edelhi/Edelie Bootsvorz who lost his arm and eye in a racing crash in 2012 - he was a very friendly and affectionate guy before the crash, but after he gets his cybernetic replacements (a metallic arm and a visor), he basically "leaves his heart behind" and starts acting like a bitter, aloof jerk. My OC Elena has been his girlfriend since 2009 (their high school freshman year), and his personality change alienated the two from each other. He made her cry by basically telling her to fuck off with her worries and leave him alone - they're still part of the same racing team (Missing Link), however, since Elena hasn't given up on him and wants to see him back to normal.

This actually happens in the TV-show itself - in 2015, after three years of acting like a heartless jackass, his friend Osamu and the main character Hayato help him with his issues. He comes back from the experience with his old, friendly personality intact, and then one morning he shows up at Elena's trailer without telling her. He starts making coffee for her and, as she enters the kitchen after waking up, tells her a cheery "Good morning!" with the sincere, affectionate smile he'd lost three years earlier. Elena, completely unaware that he'd changed, ends up so shocked she drops her toothbrush glass and bursts out crying.

He basically goes from this (2012, 19 years old), to this (2015, 22 years old), to this (2020, 27 years old). See that attitude flip?
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July 8, 2016
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