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SuperSmashDragons Melee - Dr.Mario (Unlocked)

By Arenthor
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I was quite unsure if I should include him here, but even though it is still the same Mario he is still his own character, like Link and Young Link and Toon Link.
So hope you mind that because of this I radical changed this version from the first I made. The first Mario was quite the eastern dragon, but since this one is more human and a doctor with "heavy artillery" against diseases.

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(c) Dr. Mario: Nintendo
(c) Art: Me
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What if there's an alternate design of Dragon Mario/Dragon Dr Mario where it's the exact same thing, except this time, it's the actual Mario/Dr Mario that captured a dragon that resembles them with the help of Cappy instead of a mushroom?

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That pompadour on the dragon form. XD

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Yikes. Wouldn't want to have those pills in my medication.