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Published: September 25, 2010

Hello everyone.

I have good news. Really, really good news.
Toonikun has gotten in contact with me regarding all this drama.

He really is sincerely sorry for his actions, and with his permission I will post his response.

Hello i saw all the post that have been made about me and i truly very sorry about what happened and i would like to refund you or anything you think is suitable. And i am very sorry about the way i handled things. I know it is inappropriate but i am truly sorry and it will not happen again.

I asked him which is the best method for everyone that did not receive their commissions/items to contact him.
He has told me the best way is to contact him by email: joesalvation@hotmail.com
Reason being is he rarely signs into Lj/dA he has told me.

I am very relieved and happy that the best possible result has occurred.
We have successfully gotten communication open again with Toonikun and he is willing to work to resolve things.
Thank you everyone for your help in this matter. I know it was not the most pleasant thing to do, especially considering we are fans of his work. But, this has given us a good opportunity to resolve things that were hurting us <3

I would also like to clear up the miscommunication regarding the Artbook.
In my previous post I made the allegation that Toonikun had sold me an artbook that was not in stock.
(This allegation was made based only on the information that I had. This information being the book not being shipped at all when being told it would (over two months since payment) , and a formspring question he answered stating the book was out of stock).

Toonikun has assured me that he did sell me a one of the stocked books - He also explained his absence being due to moving overseas and dealing with the paperwork associated with that.

I have explained to him our side of the story, and he does understand why we did what we did.
His response below:

I understand why we had to come to this it's fine....i was in the wrong for not contacting you guys..i have learnt my lesson this time...i am sorry that i have caused so much trouble to you guys...i know it is most unlikely for most of you to get this image of me as a scam out of your minds but i hope you guys would forgive me after what i did. I am truly sorry.

It is my heartfelt hope that we can all move on from this situation in a more positive light.
I really do hope Toonikun from now on improves his communication with his commissioners and buyers.  
In doing so I am positive that he will receive more business from others and receive referrals for good service.

Thank you Toonikun for getting in contact with me <3
I know in this sort of situation it might not have been easy, but we all really appreciate it.

I will follow through with my word and make a positive update on lj's artists_beware to clear up this situation, it is my hope that you will also follow yours in resolving any matters your buyers and commissioners may have.

I also ask that if anyone also made any journal posting and such, to make an update regarding this resolution.

Thanks everyone n____n )

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eyes2bluesHobbyist Traditional Artist
its still so sad that we ended up doing public awareness journal just so we can have this issue moving.. But at least in doing so, we get to resolve the issue faster than i thought and we get to help all those other people who have been waiting for their picture/artbook as we did. it's not entirely good but its for a better cause.

thank you for the cooperation and support. for listening to my rants and being such a great listener... LOL.

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I know right? D: I don't think any of us took ant joy from it. It was painful to do. Maybe a case of tough love eh?

And it's no problem. XD It's what I'm here for <3
I'm just hoping that everyone is able to successfully get their commissions/items/refunds in a timely manner. It should be something that's kept an eye on I think, to see if he follows through.
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eyes2bluesHobbyist Traditional Artist
i noted all those people involved. hopefully, they were able to reach toonikun as well. its an ugly thing to do but if you sum up all the wonderful things that happened after that, i can say that it is all worth it :3
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Yeaah totally. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that everyone gets an awesome result <3
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ClandestineKnightProfessional Digital Artist
Oh thank god...I am SO happy to read this...Once again, Thank you so so much for all your hard work. I think without your journal and your contacting everyone, we would have waiting a much longer time to get to this conclusion. It's still so sad that Tooi took it very hard...It probably didn't help his situation...but...it was something that needed to be discussed and brought to light. 8{ I'm glad that he did the mature thing and got back to us and gave a formal apology. I commend him in being mature and understanding. I hope that this time, he'll learn to be more prompt with his business...and I also hope that he will be able to move on from this and learn from his mistakes...Thanks so much again...
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Thank you as well. It was a group effort from everyone, and because of that we were able to get a quick resolution <3

I agree, and I was quite shocked to see him delete his gallery </3 ...But he will be back, and when he does return he will still have his fans. And we will all eagerly await his next submissions C: I like to try and stay optimistic in this thinking that his future business dealings on dA will be better handled. <3
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einleeProfessional Digital Artist
he's going through a rough time, and all i can attribute this is to pressure and or laziness. a few months is pretty extreme for a reply, but he's not the take-and-run type. regardless it's still sad to see him get so hurt over this...:( good luck everyone!
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I can understand that. However the case with some of his commissioners were more extreme. One was waiting for two years for a commission she paid for, and he was not replying to her notes. So with that situation, happening not to one person but also to others - you can understand when we had no contact with him, why we thought what we did.

I do agree that the situation is depressing. It's not something that we wanted - however, we needed a resolution. I'm just really happy he's doing the right thing now.
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Glad your efforts were worthwhile! *A* Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon. I feel a bit sad, since it really will take time for people to trust Tooni again...
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I hope so too. It's up to Toonikun to make amends now. I'm sure if keeps in better communication with his buyers/commissioners this thing won't happen again. I can only wish him the best.
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It's awesome you can forgive and forget. Some people feel the need to hold grudges forever, but that does nobody any good.
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No it doesn't. Sometimes it's better to tackle the issue head on.
There's no use holding onto an ill situation or feeling.
That does nobody any good. It's better to resolve it.
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IT's great he's back on. People should still keep an eye on the situation, hopefully he'll follow through with his promises finally.
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*Nods* Were hoping so also. I guess all we can do is just wait and see how it goes. Hopefully this won't happen again.
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I'm so confused :/// what's going on?
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Aah. Long story drama. I'll note you the info.
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eviktedProfessional Digital Artist
:hug: !
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S-P-NProfessional General Artist
hahah I love happy endings ;D BTW Rozek.....IRON ARTIST! 8D [/inappropriate]
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Hahaha, yes. And omg. We still need to art battle *A* )/
There's been talks of a comic creators convention being made in Brisbane early next year. You in? XD
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S-P-NProfessional General Artist
arekudemon's avatar
Well there's a discussion about it on the Pulp Faction forum [link]
Right now it looks like it is still in the planning stages.
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S-P-NProfessional General Artist
ohh awesome~ @v@
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