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:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: Good Evening!! :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose:

:devilish: He he heheheee!!! This is my entry on :iconmanganimelatino: `s contest..... =D .... "Myths or Legends" is the topic for this contest :XD:, I chose the VAMPIRE!!!! :heart:__:heart: Waaaaahhhhh!!!! I want to see all the other entries!!!!!! :love: I am sure, this contest will be very interesting!!!! *___*

....... Yeahhh!!!! I know that my pic is not very original, but I like vampires!!! ......

Wait...... what is a vampire??? :O_o: ...... according to the legends, the vampire is a night creature, it leaves his coffin/grave and goes in sleeping humans' search for suck their blood. (forgive my bad english, neee?? ^^; ) ....Aaaaaand the people bitten by vampires also become vampires!!!!!!! :mwahaha: .......^__^U
Some characteristics of the vampires:
+ They are not reflected in the mirrors....
+ The religious symbols and the sunlight hurt them......
+ They don't have shadows........
+ They can become bats........
+ The only way to kill them is to nail a wooden stake in their heart....
.......well, this is the information that I found! .... if I make a mistake, correct me please. ;)

Thanks so much for your visit on my gallery! :hug: :glomp:
Matane!!!! =^___^=

:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose:
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This dA account seems a little bit dead but I was just going through my faves from back to front for nostalgia purposes and stumbled upon this image, which I first saw when I was literally 12-13. I just figured that you might be interested in knowing that seeing this image enkindled a fascination with vampires in me, which lasted all the way through my teenage years and that I even wrote a short story based on it when I was 13. I believe it was about this fledgling vampire who wanted to join a coven and was ordered to go and drain the mayor's daughter without being caught as part of his initiation. So thanks for making something that left such a deep mark on my developing mind.

Also I noticed that I'd left a comment back in 2005 saying that "her dress is the only part of the image I don't like" and I can't for the life of me figure out what I could've possibly disliked about it, it's lovely. So I'd want to apologize on behalf of my edgy tween self.