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Hey Stranger
Hey stranger
Will you be my friend?
Not to keep me from falling
But to pick me up whenever I do
Will you be there
Not to guide me when I stray
But watch my back and pray
Will you be there
Not to fight my battles
But to warn me of the consequences
Will you be there
To celebrate my successes
And comfort me in my failures
Will you be there
At the end when I breathe my last
And remember me as I once was
:iconareejs:Areejs 9 0
In the End
Hey there
Don't be sad
It'll be alright
In the end, we all just try
In the end, we can all just cry
In the end, we will all just die
Just hold on till your soul can fly
:iconareejs:Areejs 17 2
Just out of grasp
A starless sky
Bound by a sea of despair
and a seemingly endless cosmos
filled with endless opportunities
Just out of grasp
:iconareejs:Areejs 12 2
Constants and Variables
Old wounds
Familiar pains
A new plot
With similar characters
A new birth
Destined to the same fate
It keeps playing
A neverending loop
New puppets
In different settings
Entertaining the constant
In a realm unknown
:iconareejs:Areejs 7 0
The season of death
The calm before the storm
A graveyard
Of crimson red
Amidst death and decay
The residents prepare for war
Arm themselves
Tooth and nail
Fur and scale
Needs and necessities
The frost is upon them
And like every year
Many will be sacrificed
So the rest can go on
And sow the seeds of the future
:iconareejs:Areejs 6 2
Purpose in Misery
There was once a little boy. He was quite talented but he was all alone. His parents didn't have time for him. They barely ever checked on him. On his 12th birthday, no one wished him. His parents forgot and he didn't have any friends. Although he was used to the loneliness and sadness, his little couldn't take it. It shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. For many years he wandered around the world looking for those pieces, but couldn't find them. However, he did find out that there were others like him. Helping these people although didn't restore his heart, it made him feel almost like he had one. So he would try and find people like him and help them out whenever and wherever he could. In misery, he found purpose.
:iconareejs:Areejs 7 0
Pain and Misery
Pain and misery calls out to me
Something about it
Is alive and breathing
Pain and misery calls out to me
Through tears and screams
Through heartbreaks and dreams
Pain and misery calls out to me
It desires to be heard
It demands to be felt
Pain and misery calls out to me
It wants to purge
All that's dark and clad
Pain and misery calls out to me
It has a will of its own
It will fulfill her goal by taking your soul
Pain and misery calls out to me
Her time has come
Her time is now
Pain and misery is calling me
And I shall answer her call
:iconareejs:Areejs 10 1
A flower
Amidst thorns and weeds
Exquisite and untouched
Reaching out for the sky
Lust or love
Short-lived but unforgettable
Desires forbidden
A pretty illusion
Or a cruel delusion
Is it existence
A harsh reality
Or a mere facsimile
:iconareejs:Areejs 8 5
Flickering lights
Lingering whispers
Blurred memories
From a time long past
Brought to the surface
By restless ghosts
From a shadowy realm
Holding me hostage
In my own mind
For not answering their call
When they were
In my thoughts and feelings
Now they're remnants
Of monuments,
I failed to build
All encompassing
My sole companions
In my eternal torment
:iconareejs:Areejs 8 0
People die
Either in reality
Or in our memories
:iconareejs:Areejs 3 0
The Fires of Life
We are creatures of light
Forever searching for the next bit of success
To keep our fires going
But joy is a fleeting feeling
Doused by the measliest of misfortunes
Condemning us to ashes
Everyone gets a chance to reignite their flames
But not all fires are equal
Some burn to give warmth
While others just want to see everyone else burn
Like fire
Every man leaves his mark
Knowingly or unknowingly
And from the ashes
A different being emerges
It takes only one spark
Just one spark to start a fire
A fire to light the way
Or burn down all we hold dear
:iconareejs:Areejs 9 2
I'll Survive
Light gives way to darkness
Colors fade away
The voices gets louder
The air gets heavier
Time comes to a standstill
Can't breathe
Can't think
Where does it begin
Where does it end
I don't belong anywhere, I'm not going anywhere
The world keeps on turning around me
Faster and faster
But that's fine
The world is always turning for my sake
That's why I've got nothing to feel sad about
I'll survive
:iconareejs:Areejs 8 1
I was There
I was there
When they broke in and stole her soul
I was there
When they plucked her wings and caged her mind
I was there
When they tried and judged her heart
I was there
When they broke her will and enslaved her body
I was there
When she cried from the pain and prayed in vain
I was there
When she lost her way and went astray
I was there
When her breath started getting heavy and her body cold
I was there
Long before she was born and will be for ages to come
I am hope

And I was there
:iconareejs:Areejs 20 7
The Boy's Dream
A boy
No less than 12
Gazes at the stars
Dreams to be an astronaut, an explorer
For he wants to reach the stars
His father looks at him
Tears streaming down his cheeks
Doesn't utter a word
Soon the boy becomes an orphan
Living through each day becomes a chore
He doesn't give in though
For he wants to reach the stars
The boy becomes a man
Now he has a boy of his own
But the boy doesn't have a mother
Just like the man didn't
When he was a boy
The man has achieved many successes in life
All because
He wanted to reach the stars
The man can now reach the stars after all
But he doesn't want to leave his son
Like his own father left him
All alone
With great reluctance
He gives up on his dream
But every night till he dies
Continues to gaze at the stars
When he dies
His son dedicates himself
To fulfill his father's dream
After many failed attempts
The son finally reaches the stars
And takes his father's remains with him
In the end the boy got his wish even after death
Did it really matter thoug
:iconareejs:Areejs 9 3
Will I?
Where will I die?
When will I die?
Will I be old and worn
Or will I be young and youthful?
Will I be content
Or will I be left wanting more?
Will I be cold and lone
Or will I be loved and warm?
Will I be in pain
Or will be at peace?
Will I smile
Or will I cry?
Will my remnants endure
Or will they fade away?
Will I die
Or will I live?
:iconareejs:Areejs 13 4
The Old Leaves
Age and maturity
Two things most strange
When you're young and green
You'll resist every current of change
Be it a gentle breeze
Or a harsh gale
Only when you grow old and pale
And your will is weathered and worn
Will you give in to fate
Let go of all the hate
And lie in wait
As the sun sets
On all your regrets
:iconareejs:Areejs 5 1


Punk by Claparo-Sans Punk :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 1,884 30 Sketch 2/7 by trungbui42 Sketch 2/7 :icontrungbui42:trungbui42 417 25
My dream come true
Warm, loving hands holding me tight
Shielding me from the cold world outside
A soft, wispering voice reaching my ear
Telling me all the things I need to hear
Passionate lips pressing gently on mine
Letting me know everything will be fine
Deep, blue eyes staring into my brown
And I know you will never let me down
Now I know my dream has come true
Because my most precious dream is you
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 12 7
Kenshin L.O.V.E. Kaoru by Naschi Kenshin L.O.V.E. Kaoru :iconnaschi:Naschi 1,031 46 Ariel by MagicnaAnavi Ariel :iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 247 15 Adonide by melaniedelon Adonide :iconmelaniedelon:melaniedelon 208 6 Mars girl by GjschoolArt Mars girl :icongjschoolart:GjschoolArt 793 22
This Heart
This heart has many rooms but
I try to stay out of the ones
that sound like you.
Rooms where the walls thrum
and shiver with your laugh,
where the mantle of your smile
hides beneath the cluttered memories
of your eyes. I can sit there for hours,
wondering what could have been,
and it's not always easy
to lock the door again.
:icontinkertype:tinkertype 5 8
Nothing To Lose
Come into my tent, play a little game;
Show some sense of adventure, don't be lame!
Just relax, I promise you I'm tame,
And win or lose, your life will never be the same.
Take a card, any card, then we'll have fun.
I'll shuffle the deck all about, then you pick one;
If your card of choice is picked, you'll win a ton,
If not, well, we'll talk about that when we're done.
Why so nervous? Fine, here, I'll pick for you;
Ah, your card is from the suit of hearts, number two.
Now I'll shuffle 'em really good, throw 'em in the air, too!
Cards cards everywhere, come darling, don't look blue!
Somewhere on the floor is the key to a fortune you could take,
And buy yourself a fifty-story mansion on a golden lake.
You'll never get that chance though, unless you make
A fateful choice, but still you wonder what's at stake?
Prying after our game has already begun? What gall!
But I suppose it couldn't hurt to let the truth fall;
The wrong choice means you'll do a few odd jobs is all,
Spruce up the place,
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 11 15
Sailor Jupiter by Naschi Sailor Jupiter :iconnaschi:Naschi 2,028 116 Sugar Shoujo Pink by Naschi Sugar Shoujo Pink :iconnaschi:Naschi 1,548 53 Crow Spirit by Ellysiumn Crow Spirit :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 2,092 202 Sunset by Purpleskulls Sunset :iconpurpleskulls:Purpleskulls 94 10 Nevermore - 4k by MagicnaAnavi Nevermore - 4k :iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 800 62 Heart Of The Matter by Neriak Heart Of The Matter :iconneriak:Neriak 28 2 Doodle by trungbui42 Doodle :icontrungbui42:trungbui42 240 9
Prince of Persia 2008




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