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People die
Either in reality
Or in our memories
:iconareejs:Areejs 3 0
The Fires of Life
We are creatures of light
Forever searching for the next bit of success
To keep our fires going
But joy is a fleeting feeling
Doused by the measliest of misfortunes
Condemning us to ashes
Everyone gets a chance to reignite their flames
But not all fires are equal
Some burn to give warmth
While others just want to see everyone else burn
Like fire
Every man leaves his mark
Knowingly or unknowingly
And from the ashes
A different being emerges
It takes only one spark
Just one spark to start a fire
A fire to light the way
Or burn down all we hold dear
:iconareejs:Areejs 9 2
I'll Survive
Light gives way to darkness
Colors fade away
The voices gets louder
The air gets heavier
Time comes to a standstill
Can't breathe
Can't think
Where does it begin
Where does it end
I don't belong anywhere, I'm not going anywhere
The world keeps on turning around me
Faster and faster
But that's fine
The world is always turning for my sake
That's why I've got nothing to feel sad about
I'll survive
:iconareejs:Areejs 8 1
I was There
I was there
When they broke in and stole her soul
I was there
When they plucked her wings and caged her mind
I was there
When they tried and judged her heart
I was there
When they broke her will and enslaved her body
I was there
When she cried from the pain and prayed in vain
I was there
When she lost her way and went astray
I was there
When her breath started getting heavy and her body cold
I was there
Long before she was born and will be for ages to come
I am hope

And I was there
:iconareejs:Areejs 20 7
The Boy's Dream
A boy
No less than 12
Gazes at the stars
Dreams to be an astronaut, an explorer
For he wants to reach the stars
His father looks at him
Tears streaming down his cheeks
Doesn't utter a word
Soon the boy becomes an orphan
Living through each day becomes a chore
He doesn't give in though
For he wants to reach the stars
The boy becomes a man
Now he has a boy of his own
But the boy doesn't have a mother
Just like the man didn't
When he was a boy
The man has achieved many successes in life
All because
He wanted to reach the stars
The man can now reach the stars after all
But he doesn't want to leave his son
Like his own father left him
All alone
With great reluctance
He gives up on his dream
But every night till he dies
Continues to gaze at the stars
When he dies
His son dedicates himself
To fulfill his father's dream
After many failed attempts
The son finally reaches the stars
And takes his father's remains with him
In the end the boy got his wish even after death
Did it really matter thoug
:iconareejs:Areejs 7 3
Will I?
Where will I die?
When will I die?
Will I be old and worn
Or will I be young and youthful?
Will I be content
Or will I be left wanting more?
Will I be cold and lone
Or will I be loved and warm?
Will I be in pain
Or will be at peace?
Will I smile
Or will I cry?
Will my remnants endure
Or will they fade away?
Will I die
Or will I live?
:iconareejs:Areejs 13 4
The Old Leaves
Age and maturity
Two things most strange
When you're young and green
You'll resist every current of change
Be it a gentle breeze
Or a harsh gale
Only when you grow old and pale
And your will is weathered and worn
Will you give in to fate
Let go of all the hate
And lie in wait
As the sun sets
On all your regrets
:iconareejs:Areejs 5 1
We are born without a purpose
We die without a purpose
And yet
We live
Looking for one
Have we come too far?
Ventured beyond the veil?
Where we are not welcome
Asking questions
We weren't supposed to ask
Searching for answers
We weren't supposed to find
But then
:iconareejs:Areejs 8 12
The leaf of life
So delicate and fragile
As thin as paper
As light as a feather
Yet as resilient as a ship
A ship caught in the storm
Hanging from a thin green thread
Just like hopes and dreams
Defies the winds of change
Yet in the end
Burns and dissolves
Into a dry colorless crisp
Like it never existed
:iconareejs:Areejs 10 7
I return
From a faraway land
The place I call home
The fog clears
The noises return
And so do my burdens
I don't know where I'm going
But I'm moving nonetheless
Away from the beaten path
With my baggage
I hear a shrill voice
"Hey mister"
"Where are going with all those boxes"
It's a girl about my age
Her clothes are unkept and worn out
With ember eyes and dark hair
That seem like no work of God
An air of mystery follows her
"And who might you be"
I ask her
"Everyone calls me Merry"
"So the boxes?"
"I'm taking them with me"
"Where are you going"
I ask her
"I'm just looking around"
"Look at this"
"Isn't it cool"

She shows me a pebble
A unique shape
But it's an ordinary pebble nonetheless
I said, feeling sorry for her
"I am very strong"
She says flexing her thin arms
"Let me carry some of your stuff for a while"

"No my burdens are mine to carry"
I reply
"You sound
:iconareejs:Areejs 11 8
The Dungeon of Dysphoria
A floating dream
Or reality
An opportunity
Or an illusion
Or fiction
Or ruin
A beginning
Or an end
A gift
Or a curse
Guess we'll never know
For we're tied by the threads of fate
In this dungeon of dysphoria
:iconareejs:Areejs 7 5
Should I
What should I do?
When I know my journey
Ends in death
Cold, humbling and inevitable
Why should I struggle?
For my desires
Only to loose them eventually
Why should I fight?
When defeat is inevitable
Everything has already been decided
Why is fate so cruel?
Why is it so hard to comprehend
That we are just another clog
In the big blue marble
We call planet earth
:iconareejs:Areejs 8 3
They lie in Wait
They lie in wait
For their promises to be fulfilled
Five unfortunate souls
Denied peace in the afterlife
Banished from death
Betrayed in life
Lingering in between the planes
Stuck in limbo
Like wind-whipped flames
Refusing to burn out
Who will grant them relief?
I wish I knew
One lover
Whose beloved never came back
One mother
Who died all alone in her shack
One brother
Killed by his own blood for power
One friend
Who was forgotten by his comrades
They lie in wait
Who will grant them relief?
I hope I knew
:iconareejs:Areejs 4 1
Too Long
It's been too long
Since the water rose
And the skies froze
The flowers bloomed
And the butterflies loomed
It's been too long
Since the sun smiled
And the clouds cried
The birds sang
And the greens sprang
It won't be too long
The sun
Tired and Weary
Will give in
To eternal slumber
Extinguishing all hope
With it's dying flame
:iconareejs:Areejs 10 6
Beware of the wicked
The vampires
The wolves
The demons
The heartless
They will make your heart beat
Only cos' they don't a heart of have their own
The devil doesn't have horns
or a pointy tail
Oh no
He's charming and irresistible
Although he does have fangs
They'll always stay hidden
Till you let your guard down
That's when he'll strike
And poison your heart
And make you his thrall
For all eternity
:iconareejs:Areejs 11 6
You wanted me to fight monsters
But I wanted to bring them back home
For I never had any friends
You didn't quite like that
When I was drowning
You pushed me further below
Hoping I would get stronger
I loved you
But that was long ago
Some people can only be in our hearts
And not in our lives
I have always loved looking at the stars
But you have been afraid
Of the uncharted
And I've detested you for that
I alone will decide my fate
I would die willingly
Rather than live like a puppet
And for that I'll never apologize
Our souls are at odds
:iconareejs:Areejs 18 13


[Short] Man in the Mirror
"A willow deeply scarred, somebody's broken heart 
And a washed out dream
They follow the pattern of the wind, ya see
'Cause they got no place to be
That's why I'm starting with me—"
"I never took you as a singer, Detective."
Callahan choked. Crap. He jerked his head to the door of his office. A woman stood there, a smile creeping onto her face. Oh god, not her. He drew in a breath and clenched his jaw. "The forensics lab isn't this way, Maxine."
"I only came here to collect the evidence you borrowed from the lab," Maxine said, stifling her grin. "The phone, to be exact."
Out of all of the people that could've walked in, it just had to be the person he would have to work with the most. It just had to be the one who never failed to uphold a subtle sense of composure and respect, like how she stood perfectly still no more than a centimetre into the office, placing one hand on top of the other in a
:iconbeginneratart:Beginneratart 23 18
Rainy Day by Vizzee Rainy Day :iconvizzee:Vizzee 789 64 HoD - Fluid Nightmare by AlectorFencer HoD - Fluid Nightmare :iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 3,205 53 The Dryad - Version 2 by jerry8448 The Dryad - Version 2 :iconjerry8448:jerry8448 262 0
Windows of the soul
I like to stare deep into your eyes
As I hope to see your deepest thoughts
They say the eyes are the windows of the soul
And I have been waiting for you to let me in
While the sun and moon switched places
I have been watching you from afar
I have seen what you went through
I have watched you struggle
I know your insecurities
Now let me hold you
And let it all go
I am here
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 19 25
Brush Test 4 by yuumei Brush Test 4 :iconyuumei:yuumei 3,993 63 THE HARVEST by jannaphia THE HARVEST :iconjannaphia:jannaphia 1,756 63 Sci Fi Beach by Scott Richard by rich35211 Sci Fi Beach by Scott Richard :iconrich35211:rich35211 685 21 Vampire by ANeDe Vampire :iconanede:ANeDe 204 31 L5R - Shiba Tsukune by muju L5R - Shiba Tsukune :iconmuju:muju 3,093 76 Bargian by Juniu21 Bargian :iconjuniu21:Juniu21 188 3 Mass Effect 3 by Artfall Mass Effect 3 :iconartfall:Artfall 41 1 Mass Effect 3 - The Fantasy by not1stepbackwards Mass Effect 3 - The Fantasy :iconnot1stepbackwards:not1stepbackwards 525 11 Mass Effect 2 Wallpaper by tonywonyrony Mass Effect 2 Wallpaper :icontonywonyrony:tonywonyrony 430 25 Mass Effect 3 - Shepard by patryk-garrett Mass Effect 3 - Shepard :iconpatryk-garrett:patryk-garrett 5,016 205 Mass Effect - Liara and Male Shepard by ToxicQuinn Mass Effect - Liara and Male Shepard :icontoxicquinn:ToxicQuinn 373 70
Prince of Persia 2008




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