To explain our hiatus for REDUX: The last half of 2020 was utterly exhausting. Between work and life I managed to eat through my backlog entirely and spent almost every day of the last month barely managing to keep up with the weekly schedule, and kinda burnt myself out.

I’ll still be around to post art here! But it’s time to build up some more backlog so when we return things will be nice and stress free!

9 Months should give us more than enough time, and returning in the spooky month feels appropriate. 🎃

We’ll update the website too, there are some antiquated parts of it that could use some polishing and refurbishing. We should have some fun updates between today and the day REDUX returns with Chapter 7!

Thank you all again for understanding, the spooks will return 10/5/21! 👻

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I honestly am surprised you had kept it going for so long either way in spite of all the craziness the year brought. It's completely understandable though, and major kudos are deserved for putting out not just a timely product, but also a visually compelling one at that as well, from the designs to the backgrounds to the color and special effects. Keep up the good work when you're ready and take care of yourself, pal. Wishing you nothing but the best.

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Thank you very much, it has been a lot of fun to make. We're still making more, just a bit slower: it's just too much fun to take a break from it for too long. :)

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Oh yoof, losing your backlog on comics is ROUGH, makes perfect sense that you're taking a break.

Then again, this whole year would easily lead into needing a break in general, hahah...

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Ah for sure, this has been a very much needed break... We'll still keep at it, but not having to worry about making the page week to week is going to be very helpful.