I'm gradually getting through looking at the backlog of what I missed, thanks for bearing with me in the meantime! Also getting used to the new DA format and trying to rediscover where stuff is.

Deviation Actions

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By Ardwick
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i've got a nice little backlog to get through as well... i'm still having a lot of trouble navigating the inbox, there's so much more unnecessary clicking just to get to stuff. have you had an easier time with it?

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Not necessarily easier. I think I have a hang of where most things are, but the lack of a tally at the top of remaining unchecked items makes me somewhat anxious that I'm missing things.

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that's been my biggest obstacle too. it's so hard to dive into the inbox and reply to things when i don't know how many there are. and i don't know if/when i'm going to lose comments and stuff in this new "activity feed" format, because they are no longer arranged nicely by deviation. it's something i really hope that they re-introduce soon... it feels like there's just so much less information, or it's harder to find relevant information, with this layout.