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April 2, 2007
I have fond memories of the sakura, in Japan the cherry blossom festivals mark the time of spring as the trees burst forth their beauty. The festivals have been observed for so long that they've become part of the culture, ingrained in their history. Sakura Blossoms by ~ArdiRa is such a beautiful reminder of that culture, the kimono and stone carved walkway helps give this a wonderful, timeless quality.
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Sakura Blossoms

arrghh...... in this picture i want to let my imagination speak....with no reference for background, so i appreciate so much if yu give me a comment and critique....

thanks! hope u like it!

done in photoshop CS2 & Corel Painter IX & Wacom Graphire3
22 hours.

actually this artwork i made for contest 1001 covers concept magazine. that's why i had add watermarks so far...

but now, the contest is over... and i'm freely to show it to you.

hope you like it!
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HigekiHigure's avatar
I love the contrast of the darker colors with the lighter colors~~~
Alehi's avatar
This is awesome :D it really conveys the girls feelings! She looks happy, i sort of feel that the person she is looking at is someone she trusts, a lover, a friend? Its like we are looking at her through the eyes of someone else :D
Domino-Dragon's avatar
shitaka's avatar
Lot's of Sakura trees! I've seen pictures of Japan and this one is similar from one I've seen. You've done great job on this piece. Keep up the great job ;)
ItachiNoTenshi's avatar
It's simply stunning. You've done an amazing job.
AyameKumori's avatar
This is outstandingly beautiful! Amazing job! I love the colors, as well as how peaceful everything looks! O.O I wish to go there! D:
maryrenialt's avatar
Beautiful, a pretty job
ENAM's avatar
I love it so much :heart:
firegold's avatar
I featured you with this photo in my journal here --> [link]
Phenomenally beautiful.
ufh2's avatar
The super! Very beautifully and qualitatively! I even have like this atmosphere
Silver-Fantasy's avatar
Wow that's beautiful! The colors are so soft and the sakura are so pretty. You are really a great artist - it's tough to find ppl who can come up to your level. :)
Warbaaz1411's avatar
this is the best
Kleines-MeMe's avatar
Uchiha-Texugo's avatar
She is very beautiful! Nice job :D
superninjagrl's avatar
really nice job, it came out beautiful
Engelchen19's avatar
Wonderful work :heart:
w0und3d's avatar
indah sekaliiiii... so adorable!

luarr biasa :worship:
Yogies's avatar
woh, keren...
it's very beautiful
i wish i could draw like this but i guess i have to wait well still this is very beautiful
E-park's avatar
it's so beautiful

mas, keren banget :thumbsup:
athlinia's avatar
beautiful! I love how the black kimono contrasts against the pink blossoms, lovely =)
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