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Inari, Goddes of Prosperity

phew, at least it's done....

inari, one of popular deity (god) in japan, known as god of prosperity or wordly success. (especially well known with many toriis or red gates into the shrine)

okay all, enjoy it!
if u have some crits, just say! i'm appreciate it!

PS CS2+ Wacom graphire3
15 hours.
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My name is Sergi. I am from Barcelona. I have a blog about myths and legends. I puy your amazing work in my blog.

I hope you agree. i put your deviantart address

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If I may ask, did you use any references for the background? (and if so- what were they and where could I find them?)
For my language class - Japanese, Advanced- I have to create a children's ABC book- or a short story. I have the story underway but am having some difficulty with the visual (since i've never done a kid's book before.) I would love to know where you got your inspiration for this piece. :)
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<333 love it wow awesome
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I don't know if you're still here, but I was wondering if I could possibly use this image for a website? I know you sell prints, but I'm not sure how much this would cost.

I use photos of Inari fox statues as my symbol when I work as a manga translator, so I thought that an Inari image would be appropriate for my personal website. Not many people will be seeing it, as it is a personal site for me, but I wanted to get permission from you and not steal.

If you're still here, drop me a line!
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This pic is apparently CC-By-NC-ND licensed, if that helps. >.>b May not work for a commercial site though since it's only licensed for noncommercial use.
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BTW, I don't do commercial work--I'm an amateur scanlator. No money is made through what I do.

Currently, I simply put things on my livejournal for people to take...and I want to move these scanlations that I've done to a personal website.

Does this qualify as a commercial site? I personally do not feel that way, but I'd like to err on the side of caution.
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Since you're not making money, I'm pretty sure it doesn't qualify as a commercial site! Might check the Creative Commons license just to be sure.
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Wow this picture is so beautiful! o: The colors are fantastic, and I like the foxes behind Inari. ^^
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Absolutely beautiful :)
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one thing about inari, DON'T PISS HER OFF. I've read many a legend where her fury against someone is a fate worse than death.
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this is beautiful!
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LOVE this!!!! XD so much detail!!!
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This is really beautiful. You can really tell who is being depicted here. Have you drawn any other japanese deities/spirits?
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Omg i love this picture it very beautiful i love how you did foxes alive instead of statues.
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Please make Inari-sama available as a print. THIS image is the one that is just right for my shrine.
O.O *dies* I love it!!!! wow this is by far one of THE BEST ARTWORKS ON DEVIANT!!!!!! love it love it love it! XDDD
But this is positively exquisite
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This such a beautiful picture!
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wow this looks great o.o

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WOW!!! Really amazing! i like it very much!
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I LOVE this picture. You did an amazing job with it and the rest of the goddess series but this one really stands out to me.
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Wow! This is so beautiful! ^_^
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