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Viking Santa

to get hires image , psd layers, step by step process, and time lapse video of this image
please pledge me on patreon:

to get PSD layers, time lapse video, and steps progress of my artworks, support me on patreon:…

For those who doesnt know what patreon is, 
Basically it's like a kickstarter, but in a lower scale and longer phase. So it works on pledging system. You can pledge me several amounts of dollar.
And in rewards, you will get the full hires images, PSD layers, Time lapse video, Tutorial, step by step process of my artworks. I'm focusing more to eyecandy/ecchi images for both gender ;) (Wink) The rewards will be sent at the end of each month/beginning of new month.
Patreon also has this milestones, so when I reach several amount of pledges, I can unlock the milestone which is drawing NSFW works, yes NSFW works from me. How amazing is that :D (Big Grin)
So it's really great for those who wanted to learn my work and enjoy my work ;) (Wink) 

Some example of what you will see in my patreon : these images are cropped, to view full images, you need to pledge :) (Smile)
Teaser Girl by artspellTeaser Boy by artspellEarly Santa by artspell

download my tutorial here:
Ambient Occlusion Painting process by artspell
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gorgeous design, the horns are beautiful! and great idea about the christmas' tattoos, it's brilliant :D
Ardinaryas's avatar
hahaha yeahhh, that tatoos is like last minute idea lol
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Gosh.  I'm speechless.
Ardinaryas's avatar
oh lol, be a good boy and u'll get the present ;)
theterriblezodin's avatar
Hahaha okay.  (And I'm a girl, by the way.)
Ardinaryas's avatar
nice girl then XD
Ardinaryas's avatar
lol thanks Tom! ;)
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hahaha thanks man :D
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Sooo funny! I love it!! specially the tattoos!! And his face like... "I know you like it"
Pretty amazing Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1]  I love you your mind works Sakata Gintoki  (Worship) [V1] 
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hahaha not everyone notice that tatoo :d
yayyy for that little effort lol
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Those trees, reindeers would look ridiculous but you made them look amazingly cool! How not notice them?
thanks for the yay! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
I just have to say... that the skirt seems to be a little bit Scottish, but it could be that they're related :ponder: 
Ardinaryas's avatar
hahaha yeah, that christmas tree :v
That skirt might be because of me lack of ideas lol
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ahhh... ok, I just wondered Ooh, ohh, I know 
It looks nice ^^
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Oh!! he's so fabulous : D
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