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Teaser Boy

If you wish to see the full image of this, you can go to :

Guys, I just started my patreon! I need your helps and supports!! 
support me in patreon, so you could see more of something like this in the future! ;)

check my other teaser:
Teaser Girl by DavidAdhinaryaLojaya


download my tutorial here:
Ambient Occlusion Painting process by DavidAdhinaryaLojaya
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I should be given a Grammy because you're making my heart sing

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how the fucken hell?! This looks so good Sokka's wave

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Looks great but a bit in the uncanny valley. So the longer I look, the more freaked out I get.
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Great... you made me fall in love with another unattainable man lol :( CURSE YOU AMAZING ARTIST!! xD
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Oh my... DAT NIPPLE! Them eyebrows DAT SHINE! omg cry 
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Im very impressed with the shine
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same. But probably stink as hell 
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That's the best part!!!! :D
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dude what hahahaha
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Haha! Yeah! It smells soooo good and sexy if it's a hot guy!

But I'm kinky as fuck. XD
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Great to see a guy with cute big eyes :3 
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hahaha biggerr!! 
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almost look like a soft bun lol
Physique check but those nipples :) 
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unicorn's nipple
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Excuse me for the way I say this but, I want him,I want him,I want him!
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quick, grab a chloroform!! 
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What is that anyway 
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a potion to make someone sleepy. Good for kidnapping.
Wait, how do I know these stuffs?? 
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Maybe you accidentally tooned in to the Witch And Warlock Channel?
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