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Mother of Dragon Steps

Steps by step progression of my painting.
support me on patreon to see the video process of this painting <3
to get PSD layers, time lapse video, and steps progress of my artworks, support me on patreon:……

For those who doesnt know what patreon is, 
Basically it's like a kickstarter, but in a lower scale and longer phase. So it works on pledging system. You can pledge me several amounts of dollar.
And in rewards, you will get the full hires images, PSD layers, Time lapse video, Tutorial, step by step process of my artworks. I'm focusing more to eyecandy/ecchi images for both gender ;) (Wink) The rewards will be sent at the end of each month/beginning of new month.
Patreon also has this milestones, so when I reach several amount of pledges, I can unlock the milestone which is drawing NSFW works, yes NSFW works from me. How amazing is that :D (Big Grin)
So it's really great for those who wanted to learn my work and enjoy my work ;) (Wink) 

Some example of what you will see in my patreon : these images are cropped, to view full images, you need to pledge :) (Smile)
Teaser Girl by artspellTeaser Boy by artspellEarly Santa by artspellViking Santa by artspell

download my tutorial here:
Ambient Occlusion Painting process by artspell
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this is so helpful

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This is so cool! That sketch is amazing!!! Final result is just... Whats a better, bigger more colossal word than Amazing?! :D
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aww thank you!!! :D 
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Hi David! There's no words to describe how you've helped me these days. I've recently found your blog browsing the internet looking for AO and Shadow tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and art!

But i have a question: when you are at the step 5 and are about to go to the 6, do you merge all the layers and transform it in normal in order to paint the shiny spots or just create another layer in normal (above all of them) to make all these light/shiny points and midtones?

I'm learning english, so if you didn't understand or something, let me know haha
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Hi Paula! Thank you for putting interest in my tutorial :D
That is actually up to you :D
But for me, it's easier if I merge it, so I can have a full control in the layer.
Also, it's easier to fix everything in 1 layer ;)
Good luck! 
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as always, i love to look at your processes! thank you so much for sharing it, i always find them useful :D
Ardinaryas's avatar
no problem, I'll do more like this in the future ;)
Art-Eli's avatar
i can't wait to see more then :D
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Really nice to see your process. I don't have the hang of putting colors on a black and white yet. Interesting to hear you put it on a multiply layer! Got to try that out!
Ardinaryas's avatar
ah yeassss! You need to try, at least lol
for me, it's fast and easy to build the solid painting foundation. But just follow your best way :D
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Yes, sounds like exactly the thing I need haha! :D
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Woah, amazing!
I'm really impressive how you first render in BW and then put the colors.

I'll try do this in a next year! Thanks for sharing your art processing! :)
Ardinaryas's avatar
i will try to make a more details tutorial about it:D
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This is great! I like how you showed the different stages of your work!
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thank you! Im glad you enjoy it :)
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I REAAALLY need to do this method again - I got lazy :(
Ardinaryas's avatar
pls do more like thisss m'lordd
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ahh, I love seeing how great artists like you work! :star:
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