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Ambient Occlusion Painting process

Hey guys, this is an illustration that I made using an Ambient Occlusion technique.
I made a video process and tutorial about it. You can download it here:

it's affordable! :D

check out my other tutorials and arts:
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buy my doge prints:…
Sir Doge by artspell
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Currently learning a great deal from your video. Thank you!
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From what I've seen in your new artworks, you've greatly improved since that tutorial. You should definitely publish an updated version ;)
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thank you!! :D
I hope to update it too :) 
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Maybe you already answer this question... but I like to know the brushes you use in the process of shadow
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Haha yeah, some people ask that, but the answer is really simple.
I used a normal hard and soft brush default from photoshop with around 30% opacity and 100% flow :)
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Woow dude... definitely you have a great talent. Thanks a lot!, I´m start to practice right now.
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You are amazing
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no, you are amazing :D 
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SO wait are the steps
1. Sketch
3: Color with multiply layer on top?
I love your style so much dude!
Ardinaryas's avatar
Technically yes :)
Here's the more complete one: Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial by DavidAdhinaryaLojaya
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wow °O°
like how it looks after the first step :)
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You're welcome, buddy!
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do you have to pay for it?
hahaha if you do, how much does it cost, i cant find a price anywhere, xD
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you can find the price on top of the image. Or just click I want this button! :D
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Lovely freckles! and nice work! :)
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Thank you so much!! :D
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This is awesome!

And I've been trying to learn more about this technique!
Thanks for the process and tutorial! :D
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You are welcome! :D
Glad you like it :) 
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I need this method for a commission I'm doing :0
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She's so cute! And I love her dress design :heart:
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