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Ambient Occlusion Painting Tutorial


I made a new tutorial about Ambient Occlusion. You can download it here:
Ambient Occlusion Painting process by artspell

It's affordable! ;)

this is a tutorial of Ambient Occlusion painting, final image can be found here:
Vintage Asian Lady by artspell

inspired by :iconjiyu-kaze: :iconartsammich:
Check them out, they are awesome and talented artist! :)

Actually the image is only a process step by step, for the complete tutorial, please check in my art blog here:…

with this tutorial, I hope you can paint a solid image :)

Good luck and have fun! :D
Ask me anything about the tutorial, I'll gladly try to answer it :)

my other works:
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buy my doge print here:…
Sir Doge by artspell
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Do you need a special program for ambient occlusion or can it be done in photoshop? 
Ardinaryas's avatar
you need to paint it unfortunately :-(
I wish there is an instant program that do that haha
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Sorry me for the questoion, but,what is "AO"? q-q 
Ardinaryas's avatar
it's Ambient Occlusion haha :D
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Oooo I see. With the AO technique, it renders the sketch like a marquee 3D model...or I guess the idea is sort of like a 2D version of how Disney used the Deep Canvas program in some of their animated movies. Of course, for this you are drawing the "3D model" instead of sculpting, but same idea! 
This helps a lot! Thank you.
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Yeah it's like a 3d model :)
Glad that you get it 
SpicePrincess's avatar
It makes perfect sense to do this technique, but for some odd reason as a digital artist, you don't realize you can do this until someone says it lol 
I'm going to try this later!
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what does AO mean?
Ardinaryas's avatar
Ambient Occlusion haha
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This is very interesting! Thank you for putting it up.
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You're welcome! :D
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Can we see just the color??
Ardinaryas's avatar
It's not great, so I don't show it :(
But I picked lightest color of each colors
LiLRayYay's avatar
Ah okay, good to know :)
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Ambient Occlusion is something the really helps an image to pop-out in 3D filling in all the areas of a image were no light should be able to get into with black.  Skin creases (like armpit or where fore-arm and biceps meet if someone is bending their arm for example,) folds in the eyes, that type of thing.  Meant to be paired up with your shadows.  This picture is a good illustration on how that works.
TheScarletMercenary's avatar
Oh cool :)

I need to learn that one day....
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it's ambient occlusion. Something that 3D people are using :)
but u can check more on google ;)
attiliovascas's avatar
step by step! really clear, goood job!
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Bang, is there any way that I can purchase the tut easier? Maksudnya tanpa gumroad, semisal bukalapak, olx p berniaga, apa langsungan. hahahaha, and in IDR.
Ardinaryas's avatar
Hey bro, untuk sekarang cuma bisa dibeli via gumroad aja :)
But thank you for appreciating it :D
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