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Graffiti Tags

A selection of a few 3D graffiti tags I never used, Feel free to use them as your own.




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Thanks for sharing!
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yo howd u learn to perfect that tag? Im just curious b-cause im tryin to get better evry day


i know english is bad
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just be creative and let it go :P
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A tag is an ID which is used by the graffiti artist to bomb on the streets for recognition. There are no limits! Graffiti artists tag cars, bus shelters, public transport and anything else in the public domain with their own personal tag. There are famous tags such a Haze & Stussy which are globally recognised. A tag doesn't need to actually be a piece of handwriting, or could even be a cool logo. I suggest you people go on you tube and search for 'graffiti tagging'. You will be amazed at how daring people are to get their tag out there on the streets.
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chez's---son----yo wassup im andy a tag is like your soul in graffiti...yeah like a signature...but it tells a story about you in some way, the way you write it and the colors...mine is "BMC" I get up in a state called maine...
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ironik-wa is right, a tag is your sig, a way for people to recognized your work. It's something you give yourself, you can't just take a tag someone has made because it doesnt symbolize who you are.
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i agree. these are used as purely reference, as they are photoshop brushes. if somebody wants their own tag, let them make it! if they want to download some of mine, then they can.
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No doubt, I hear you loud and clear my man. I downloaded it myself, your missing the N, dunno if it was intentional or not, but I been substituting it with the 2.
do any of u ppl actually no wat its like 2 b a graffiti ARTIST?? a tag is a sigature, a quick way of ppl knowing U were there, a distinct form of art the government and law enforcers seen to no NOTHING about and an expression of urself...IF UR INTO THE ART SIDE THAT IS!! im into the art side if youve never seen true aerosol art (which i doubt many of u have) check out
[link] the maclaim site
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yes i do know what it is like to be a graffiti artist - i am one.

i dont publicise my work for legal reasons, but i make photoshop brushes to help those who cant do it themselves.

none of these are used by myself or any of my friends who i write with.

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Hey!! I really like the looks of these! If I throw them in a design I'll be sure to let you know and will post the design on my page! Once again...looks great!
but how can i use a tag ..isit possible to use on a pc with photoshop 7 or do i have to have an machintosh?
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eeeiii!!! mine mine mine!! =3 thx!
who doesn't know what tags are... =X ahaha jp
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Tags are kind of like sigs in a way in graffiti dude, :)
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what are tags, and what do ye use em for ^^; lol.....just ive never this set may have to use it

as soon as i fined out what a tag is lol
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Tags are like graffiti ;o
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i think its like your signature
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O right cool
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