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Ok people...

If you have read my journals, loads of my brushes were stolen, and posted by those evil thieves as their own. So this is just a TASTER of the brush pack ( well, quarter of it ).
If you like, you can download the ful brush set here - but you must register and log in to get full access.


I'm not spamming or anything or trying to promote my site, i just need to know if somebody does start stealing my brushes again, I can find out who.

You can use these brushes for whatever you like, but repackaging or hosting them without my permission is MEAN!

© 2007 - 2021 ardcor
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probably going to use them for my game
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awe :( i registered but i can't use the brushes in ps7
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ah dude that sucks, i would help put but i dont have ps7 :S - sorry dude. there must be a way to convert?

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there's a program that does it but i always forget to download it... and now i can't remember what it's called...
oh well if i get around to it, i'll put your brushes to use :D
thanks anyhow
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Thats too bad, sorry to hear that Adam :(
Maw123's avatar
well i can see why you taking the safty risks then.
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yeh i know, they are evil evil people. they didnt do a good job of repacking them either, bad fonts trying to cover up the fact they were mine. lol
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the fools
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lol i know dude, hows u anyway?
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im good thanks mate, its been a while since we had a talk lol

how about you. hows work going for you?
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its good mate, new job and all that jazz. other than the theft its ok, so hows u??????????????
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still at college, 1year left to go - seems to be going on forever. I Still dont know what uni to go to.
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what u thinking of taking at uni? never went to uni, well i did, but i hated it and left ( gaphics course was well too easy ) - however my girlie is sitting opposite me and shesdoing an advertising course at southampton solent.
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