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Been looking closely at lighting effects and emotions recently, this is my new piece - fav or comment or both if you like!!!

Cheers peeps -

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Very nice!

Assuming this was done is PS, I'm guessing you used the pen tool and various brush sizes/opacities etc? Now I'm going to have to try and recreate this xD
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WOW. I really wish this was a wallpaper :)
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lol. so do i - but i aint going back to do it now lol
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could i have the psd file of it
i REALLY love it and want the know how you made it
cause you're is too good
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sorry i wont give anyone who i dont know psds of my work.
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Pretty, the glowing effect is awesome:D
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love it! the glowing effects are beautiful! and the color are so vivid and dream-like :)
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Amazing effect! Great colors and lines!
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cheers - glad u like :)
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hmm usually i LOVE your stufffff, but can i not so much like this one :)

i find the colours clash a bit? i dunno if its just me but just doesn't seem to flow as the image (without the colours) suggests it should
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hey dude - cheers for the comment. I'm experimenting with new things at the moment - looking at colours and whatnot along with the forms alongside. I appreciate the constructive crit and I'm glad you are checking out the gallery!

I think I know what you mean...... I may be doing some more experimenting mwahahahahah
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hahaha ok

looking forward to it!
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This reaminds me of all your dreams are over now by tv on the radio... :p
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glad u like! :)
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