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Dark Art Tutorial

Ok, this is my first tutorial for Photoshop.
Just trying to show people how to make dark / evil images if they want to.

Hope you like, If it helped you please fav.


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lol, my bro commented this about 3 years ago:D!
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Thanks for this tutorial!!
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Thanks for the tutorial.
Used it partially here [link]
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can i hav lionks to the eyes picture?
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kind sir you are doing way too much work in deleting the bits of skin around the eyes....instead of the lasso just add a vector mask to that particular layer then paint with black to erase and white to bring back(in case you cut some eyeballs out...)if there is some reason you didn't use the vector please tell me....
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i prefer the pen, even more...
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Good tutorial!))
I like it :)
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from looking at ur tutorial i created my own pic Xd

Amazing! ive tryed ure tutorial out and i actually made my first piece of dark art :D

check it out if you want.

Thanks so much

Please do more!!

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thanks alot
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Niice!! This tutorial gave me some good ideas=) Thanks for sharing it=D
Thanks for the tutorial, I used it for an image for my school.

I upload it to my account and will say that it was of your tutorial;)
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mom will love that ;)
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Nice nice nice nice!!! :D really nice!
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Woah! Thanks for the tutorial! Appreciated man ;)
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thank you! looks awesome! Definetely gonna try it! x)
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WOW!! Really creepy, Really well written! ((smiles))
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Nice and easy-to-understand tutorial. :thumbsup:
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LOL! That's so cool! :D
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Thats making me hungry for some reason :o

Excellent tutorial.
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lol cheers - eat some dark side.....
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