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Arrow Funk Set 1


Ardcor aka Adam

Password is "iworkhardallday"
© 2007 - 2021 ardcor
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thanks cool brushes
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Beautiful brushes!!!
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Just popping in to say that the native zip file utility in Mac OS X can't handle password protected zip files. I get an error saying "Operation not allowed" when trying to open it. Just saying :)
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hey adam whats the password for the zip?
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sweet thankyou adam
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these are brilliant too!!
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Hey, thanks for the amazing brushes! How did you get them to stamp at random sizes and locations?

I used these brushes in my wallpaper.
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with the brush tool - you can changed the flow and dynamics of the brush dude
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Oh, I see now. Thanks :blush:
Hmm... You can just hack archive. I already do that. Thanks for realy free brushes... Cheers
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Why PLUG these in a "free" brushes forum then?
I think it's pretty slack as most of the DL'rs are kids.
10lb's is a rort.
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Where does it say these brushes were free? It says to download them you must donate, and I lifted that weeks ago.

Dl'rs are kids? If a kid can afford photoshop and they want some resources, why shouldn't I have the right to ask for a donation. I've got 56 brush sets online or more, i dunno, but you are here complaining about a tenner.

If you don't want them, don't have them.

There are free now btw.

Please don't moan, I do this to help people, and some brushes I want to ask for a donation for. Fair?
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Are the previous brushes still free?
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Wicked set mate.
Shame I cant use paypal...
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dont worry... look forward to the coming days :) trust
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producing some good stuff lately man keep it up
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...So, not really a donation. Either pay ten pounds or not :o)
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