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240 Retro Dynamic Brushes

Ok, 240 dynamically generating retro brushes. Mostly circular but there are a few surprises in there ;).
These brushes are free to use, free to use in your artwork, however they are subject to copyright and may not be distributed without written permission from myself. Please enjoy using these brushes, they are Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2 + CS3.

© 2007 - 2021 ardcor
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thanks a lot! gonna check that out!
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Great brush set! :)
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great brushes, i loved those..but how can i download 8it?
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Great job on those brushes! :)
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Thanks for these! Might use them for a retro-themed party poster I'm doing.
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thx for the resource!!!
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Hello there!

I was wondering- I plan on using these in one of my design projects for college and the image will be in my portfolio. However I also have a website/ show my work on other sites, do you allow this with your brushes? I don't usually use other people's brushes in my professional work, however these ones are a perfect fit for the theme I am going with. I would of course credit and link here, I just wanted to know if it was alright. The projects are not paid projects; just projects for a grade and for fun.

240? Ok ... time + talent = awesomeness
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hmm and download?? - rederict me to 42 brushes... :(
nice! love it!
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Very cool brushes, i used them here [link]
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cool brushes. used here:
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why cant i download your brushes I really want to use them..
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I still cant find the download part!
I went to your link and the only thing i can do is view your art or contact you! please help!
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so why didnt u contact me? duh! or read my journal???? lol
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i don't see any download link to brushes there?!
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yeh - journal. read
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Just used two from this one in [link]

you're brushes are prolly the best part of my skill-less productions heh.
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