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22 Web 2.0 effect brushes

Ok, 22 web 2.0 style brushes for effects. Great to use as graphics for blogs, or general web UI stuff. This is the latest twist on the web 2.0 brush sets, I hope to make a lot more variations of this type of set, so watch this space for future uploads!
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Thanks's nice [link]
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Thanks's nice [link]
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Awesome !!
Requesting to download and having fun with it ^^
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Using it here.
Great work, thanks !
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Man I want to give you a hug SOOOO much after reading all the comments below.
They give me a headache just to look at.

You try and give a little something and all you seem to get is people moaning because you won't put money into doing something you get nothing out of!

These people don't realise how rare your kindness is and if they have problems with the uploading service then that's not YOUR problem!

You don't need the publicity and you don't make brushes as your job.
This is just something you do to be nice and to try and help others.

Screw them if they don't appreciate that.

There are nicer ways of informing you that they have trouble downloading stuff.


If you want to download from Rapidshare for free you need to wait about 20 minutes between each free download you do. It tells you how long you have to wait:
"You have reached the download-limit for free-users. Want to download more?
Get your own Premium-account now! Instant download-access! (Or wait 15 minutes)"

You will then get a new free download ticket and you can use it again.
Rapidshare just doesn't let you download thing after thing in a row.
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if you have problem downloading these brushes from rapidshare, then you can search for torrent with the same name, and download ir from torrent network ;) thank you very much for brushes!
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Great brushes! I'll definitely use them.
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You gonna hop on the Office competition? If I didn't already own it I might have considered trying heh
ardcor's avatar
na gotta find a job lol
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They are awesome, no problem with downloading from RS. JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS DUDE!
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dude , i can READ too
but i wasted like 30 min while i'm trying it 15 times
and every time i get session error
-changed IP
-chnaged server
-changed browser
no solution
peterbillelarsen's avatar
must be your computer, I've download several times today. sorry :-)
ardcor's avatar
ive checked this multiple times - and its worked on 3 other computers at different addresses.
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just to let you know.

Having to download it off rapidshare... Didn't even want to bother.

Rapidshare usually doesn't let you download unless you pay, even if you're trying to download for free.

Alot of people aren't going to download that, unless it's up on a private ftp with a direct download. Or hosted on d-a.

just link to your site also, people will goto your site if they like the brush obviously.
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I hate correcting people - But.....

Last time I hosted my brushes, my bandwidth went crazy. I decided to upload to rapidshare because it's easy for me to keep track of downloads and whatnot.

Rapidshare DOES let you download for free, you might have to wait 1 min, but yes, it does let you without signing up or whatnot.

If people don't download it, then thats not my problem, I'm offering a resource to the community, and if they don't like the way I'm doing things, maybe they should start making their own brushes instead of using mine!

Why don't I host on DA? Because I want to publicise my work and my other bits and bobs.

Why don't I pay for hosted brushes on my server? I did that, and I get nothing in return.

Sorry dude, but this is the way it is.

Oh and over 1000 HAVE downloaded from rapidshare in 3 days for the 42 brush sets, so people obviously DO download them off the site. If they don't well, they are obviously impatient not to wait a min or so.

Sorry to have a rant, but how am I suppost to upload Larger files to DA, ( Like my large brushsets ) when the DA limit is 30mb? I can't. I decided to keep all my brushes in 1 place, which happens to be rapidshare.

If people are unhappy with the FREE service I offer, I suggest either donating cash so I can buy decent hosting space or finding brushes elsewhere.
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yah well. I've only ever downloaded one thing from rapidshare using my ip without a proxy.

and it tells me I've exceeded my free account downloads.

Setup an external ftp? Pay 20 bucks a month to host your site and ftp on a server?

Worth the investment.
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$20 a month is $240 a year for people to be able to download my brushes. I don't make any money from my site, I used to with banners and such - I'm sorry but I can't justify $240 a year on hosting when it's free on rapidshare and it does work for the majority of people. Maybe contacting rapidshare to find out what the issue is if you are desperate for the brushes, if not - well, give me your msn addy and ill send you a zip.

Take it easy
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you can get webhosting for 5 dollars a month. It was an example...

You can even upload it the deviantart's ftp for freeeee!

It's just illogical to host it on rapidshare, when you can use deviantart for free.
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how can i host a brush set larger than 30meg on da?

plus im redundant now so no cash :( sorry dude. rapidshare it is
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*holds your head*

Shhh... it's okay.
We still love you.
Paintcoveredhands's avatar
there's better free hosts then rapidshare...

that don't make you wait, and can link a direct ftp instead of making people goto a site.
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well , i just don't know why are you so angry
is it that bad , does it deserve to write that entire assay just because i told you that i couldn't download it ?
and you said that 1000 persons downloaded your brushes , howcome ; while the people who saw this (view) are only 313 ?
i'll tell , because simply RS do count people who only hit the link not the file so don't make sure that 1% of those people did download the file ACTUALLY

and to your knowledge , i tried to download it almost 15 times (useing both fire fox and IE ) and every time i waited for 0.9 min , then it shows me an invalid session error , please retry again , and another 0.9 min , i tried to change IP , to change server without any solution , so you could at least uploaded it in multiple sites , you could also upload it here in DA in multiple parts , actually you have alot of solutions but you just don't want to do anything

and being providing free service does not mean to be harsh with people , there is thousand of free sites who provide a free service , and also a free hosting , sorry for being harsh with you and sorry for providing you a correction and sorry because i were watching you
but remember that "YOU without people ,YOU ARE NOTHING" , so you have to give respect a little

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