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2010 Business Cards

Just keeping on my own brand, a concept for business cards i'll probably put to print. My number always changes though ( I go through about 3 phones a year ) so meh.

I love it when I see a nice clean pack of business cards on a table, and they are all straight, and you twist them up ha, so yeh that's the concept here.

Anyway, I enjoyed making this in Photoshop and C4D.

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Love the concept.
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OMG That looks great, you always amaze me with your clean designs.
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Nice and clean design for the cards. I'd think that you should incorporate a bit more information onto them (like address or such), but that's my opinion.
I also have to question... Why so many phones per year? xD
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Cheers for the comment, I don't really have a fixed address at this point, and as i travel the email is literatly all they need. I've got a habbit of losing phones!
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Aaaah. Well, it was just an idea, and if you don't have a fixed address, there's no point to it.
That sounds like a bad habit xD
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Yeh costs me an arm and a leg!
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I'd imagine!
Anyway, good luck with the company and keeping track of phones and everything! ^^
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Love the concept. Can you send me some to promote you here on the island ^^. LOL
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Superb Job. Very Clean.
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I think "contact@adamwoodhouse"
would sound better than "webmaster."
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yeh your probably right there, will prob change it in the future
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that card is beautiful
ardcor's avatar
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Nice concept and specially your colorful logo :)
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you mean you designed the stationary on c4d? you don't need 3dsmax to make that? how is it done?
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yeh thats just c4d man, border was added in photoshop.
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glad you like dude.
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