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Clary and Jace

Just some love for Clary and Jace. One of my older pieces.

Note: This is made before the official casting was released.


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Jace/Clary (c) Cassandra Clare
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I don't have the vocabulary to express how breath taking this is. 
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My reaction: OHMYGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is exactly who I thought should of played him! HA! So nice seeing someone else think of him too.
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Lol great minds think alike! :)
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I guess so. Disappointing he wasn't him though. Makes me sad.
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perfect. I wish they had done this to her hair for the movie. And Jaces hair was weird in the movie
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Thanks! Yes, Alex has very good hair lol.
 I like the way this captures what the Jace in the books would look like. It's more fitting to my imagination, oddly enough. Well done.
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Thank you! When I first read CoB I immediately thought of Alex. All he needs is gold contacts lol.
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Love this!
Why couldn't they choose Alex as Jace, he is soooooo much better than this ugly zombie boy .____.
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amazing! why can't He be Jace not that other guy??Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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I for one think Jaime Campbell Bower is perfect and beautiful and amazing and he gives me so many feels so shushushushu
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Lol what did you think of the movie? :)
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oh man I wrote that comment what seems like forever ago. The movie was awesome and Jamie was yummy. It took me ages to get out of my chair because I refused to believe it was over. I did the same at the new Thor movie like wtf you can't just throw that scene at the end of the movie and expect me to be okay.
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Looooved Thor 2. I need to see it again! I wasn't a huge fan of TMI to be honest. I liked it okay, but it felt so rushed and oddly, I hated the music lol. I know that's a weird thing to nitpick but ah well. I'm excited to see Ashes though.
OhMyPurpleLlamas's avatar
yeah it did seem rushed which is why I refused to believe it was over. I don't really remember the music that much though. I am too, I hope it's better than the first.
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I wish Jace looked like that in the movie ._. He was so thin.
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Lol yeah Alex is pretty flawless looking. :)
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ugh the original flawless jace and clary. i miss seeing AP as Jace everywhere :((
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I know. :( There's always fanart so I guess it's okay, haha.
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