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City of Fallen Angels Poster

Note: This is made before the official casting was released. This is a fan-made poster and no money is being made. This is simply for fun only. Please do not claim as offical, as your own, or manipulate in any way. Thanks!

Rune brushes: ~ReachForTheStarfish and ~bhanesidhe
City: ~Magic-Fox
Jace/Clary (c) Cassandra Clare
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© 2011 - 2021 Ardawling
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Your work has been featured in my book journal [link] :hug:
Ardawling's avatar
Wow thank you! :D
1tigen4's avatar
wow that is awsome!!,, have they actually made a movie for city of fallen angels???
Ardawling's avatar
Thank you! Nope, they're still working on City of Bones. Only Clary and Jace are cast so far. :) Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower.
xXMissNorrisXx's avatar
alex Pettyfer <3
He will still be "my jace". :D
Ardawling's avatar
Same here. *sighs*
What program did you use to make this ?
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I use Photoshop CS4. :)
xXmissingninXx's avatar
Woah, amazing! And Jace looks so hot! Just like he should :)
Ardawling's avatar
Thank you! Yes, Alex Pettyfer is the ONLY guy who should play Jace. He's so hot, lol. *fans self*
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This is really good! You could actually belive it's a real movie poster! I agree with most of our casting list too, especially Alex for Jace
Ardawling's avatar
Thank you very much! Yeah I don't see how someone could think of Jace as anyone other than Alex, lol.
Talkerwolf's avatar
I hope he is Jace when the real movies come out lol
Ardawling's avatar
xicath's avatar
So beutiful <33
Ardawling's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
Elizem17's avatar
i agree with everyone on ur casting list. I really really hope they make Alex Pettyfer Jace!! He would be great Jace.
Ardawling's avatar
Thank you! Gosh I'll be so mad if Alex isn't Jace. He's the one I care most about, lol. And Logan for Simon..that's another one I really want to happen. :P
Elizem17's avatar
ur welcome and I know!
Ardawling's avatar
Thank you so much! :) Now that I've read the book, I have a totally different idea in my head for it, haha. Must make another!
Sleeping7Beast's avatar
I just bought City of Fallen Angels Today!!!! It's sooooo amazing! I'm already half way through it! kya XD I strongly suggest READING AND BUYING IT NOW if you haven't already done so! Love the picture, the back grounds pretty! <3
Ardawling's avatar
Oh I bought it on opening day! lol I'm about halfway through too. So good so far!
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