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City of Bones Movie Poster

Clary and Jace from The Mortal Instruments....same pictures from my blend. I just wanted to turn it into a movie poster. :)

Note: This is made before the official casting was released. This is fan-made; no money is being made from this. Please do NOT claim as your own, manipulate, or redistribute. Thanks!

New York City picture: ~Lonely-Enigma
Jace and Clary (c) Cassandra Clare
Tribal brushes: narvils
Tribal brushes: ~ro-stock
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© 2011 - 2021 Ardawling
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This is amazing :+fav: revamp 
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is Lilly (Clary) crying blood?
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is there an actual movie??
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Yep! It comes out in August. You can youtube the trailer. :)
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Yup! Its coming out in August XD
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Ohmygod this is just how I pictured Clary and Jace to look..its beautiful. Too bad Alex Pettyfer didn't get the part..which I am SO pissed about. He would have been perfect. omg no
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Thank you! I would have loved to see Alex as Jace too..*sighs*
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Would you, by chance, still have where you downloaded the small text from? And also what it all says? (sample?) I need it for school, and I can't find a specific layout anywhere. Thanks. <3
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I believe it's called SF Movie Poster and you can download it on :)
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Thanks hun. <3
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I just love it, Alex is so perfect for this character!
I don't like Lily for Clary, but she's been chosen to play the part =(
Awesome poster anyway =)
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Thank you! Yeah Alex is definitely perfect. Who would you have casted for Lily? I didn't really have anyone in mind so I was okay with Lily. She's almost too pretty though, for Clary, haha.
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I never really had any actress in mind, but I've had a clear idea of how Clary should look like, so... I was really disappointed when they came up with Lily.
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Ohhh okay. Yeah Lily doesn't look like I imagined Clary. But she's at least a good actress and pretty. As long as they cast Alex Pettyfer for Jace..I'm okay with whatever lol. And I'd really like Logan Lerman for Simon so I'm hoping that works out.
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I love Logan, but I can't stand Simon, haha.
Simon annoys me.
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Me too, actually. I started liking him more in City of Fallen Angels when he finally gets off Clary's back.
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That one isn't here in Brazil yet, but I'm glad to hear it.
There's only the first two books in Portuguese, waiting disturbs me. =B
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Oh wow, so you have a bit to go! lol
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