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"Sword Girl" because I'm too lazy for a title.

Anyway...because I haven't had a serious post in a long time, decided to put some new shaders and eye-textures that I've been working on through their paces—experimenting with Poser Pro 11.2, Toon shaders, lighting and all that fun stuff. In the past, I've played with combining FastScatter and Toon nodes to produce a cel-shading effect that's "light-sensitive" in Poser. That's always been my main complaint with the Toon node in Poser when compared to 3D Studio: cel-shading in 3D Studio (and other packages) is light-color sensitive,  while the Toon node in Poser only responds to intensity. The FastScatter node isn't used in this piece, though. Below is an example of how the figure would look with FastScatter active:

Combining FastScatter and Toon produces interesting results, but there's also some weird artifacts when using Raytraced shadows (Fastscatter is intended for depthmapped shadows).

Figure used is Aiko 3, plus the Daz3D Lotus outfit for Aiko 3, Helios Hair, and some random sword prop :D

Last deviation of the year — probably my only one for this year, too. In my defense, the last few years have been rough and not exactly healthy for creativity.

Till next time!
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