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Silent Shadow The Magician



Updated: 05.22.09 - Made changes to the original image, which was good but just too plain.

Silent Shadow Tarot Series
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1 - The Magician
So Syleth represents the Magician. Why? Well, the most obvious reason is Syleth is a sorceress, ie: a mage. There are a number of other reasons, that have to do with what The Magician represents. The Magician represents our goals in life and whether or not we have control over them and how we achieve them. Oftentimes, we actually do have control of the situation/goal/etc.; we just don't realize it because the answer actually lies with the goal itself.

Obviously, I didn't use Vue this time around. I really didn't feel like it and I actually had this one sitting on my hard drive from last summer.

Tools used
Poser Pro and Photoshop CS4

The fonts are Isadora Caps [link] and Widget [link]

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Wow, this update looks so much more dynamic, but I have no clue what you did besides the border. I think the border actually does a good job of muting the background enough.

*ponder* If you intend to use a backdrop, you could just render it with a transparent background and add the background later in post. Then you could mess with it however much you want. It's a bit of a pain in Daz because the current version doesn't render to true alpha trans, it just makes a cutout.