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Silent Shadow The Fool

Note: Updated on Jan 29, 2017. I'm updating the current cards because they're over 7 years old, and I'm continuing the series (finally).

Silent Shadow Major Arcana Series

Next: 1 - The Magician
Yes, I'm going to try to do all 22 of the Major Arcana using current and future characters from the Silent Shadow universe as a way of getting down some characters traits. Don't be surprised if some characters appear more than once, though :D

0 - The Fool
So why is Rowan representing the Fool? Because he strikes me as a rather happy-go-lucky type of character (remember the "womanizing pervert" comment from my last deviation?). He's also the first major character to appear in the current issue of Silent Shadow and the first person to have a serious impact on Syleth's life. In the Major Arcana, the Fool represents beginnings, endings (when reversed), our untapped potential and essentially being able to pursue our dreams; that's my interpretation of the meaning given by Ellen Canon Reed's Witches Tarot deck, which is my first—and primary—tarot deck. Little does Syleth know that her saving Rowan represents the beginning of the rest of her life. Things won't be the same for her after that.

Tools used
Poser Pro, Vue 6 Infinite and Photoshop CS4

The fonts are Isadora Caps… and Widget

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Oh, it looks great now! Yus, it looks much better under the title and the bottom looks nice with the thingies think you added them anyhow, you updated so much, hee!
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The border-flourishes really help bring the piece out more, I think. You were right about the symbols being too big so I reduced them and tried my original idea of moving them up, which did leave that bottom half kind of empty—hence the reason I added the border-flourishes :D
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Yeah, that's what I meant. I like those!
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The shading on him looks great!
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Thanks ;-)

The placement of the astrological symbols really bugs me, though. They seem almost like an afterthought, ya know.
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*ponder* I guess I can see your point. If they were a bit smaller and tighter together, I think they'd work though; they prolly just draw the eye too much. Maybe darker for the font on just them?
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I'll give that a try, then. I did think about raising them so they're with the title but then that leaves a lot of empty space below.
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