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Anxiety and Depression WIP



Something that I came up with last night. Lately, I've been dealing with the double-whammy of anxiety and depression—due to a bunch of shitty life circumstances over the last 3 years. So, what better way to deal with it than by expressing the feeling through art?

Anxiety is on the left, with a mischievous grin because she sneaks up on you and screws everything up. Depression on the right, and her appearance basically explains it all. I was trying for an alien appearance, but it needs something more. Also, not particularly in love with the hair. I may take it out, and add hair during post-work.

Opening this up to critiques because I need ideas on where to take this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated =)

Using Aiko3 again, with Zed Hair (from Daz3D), along with the Toon shader work I've been developing (sans FastScatter nodes—I'll add them in the final version)
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