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Aiko3ToonShaders Sampler for Poser



A sampler of a commercial toonshader package for Poser Pro 11 that will be released at some point. This pack also includes a free "No Nostrils" injectable head morph.

I actually started this package 10 years ago, but ended up forgetting about it due to my final year in college. It was nice to come back to it 10 years later, and find that most of everything still worked properly—except for the LineWidth setting. Prior to Poser Pro 8, the LineWidth setting on the Toon node never worked as expected. After Poser 8, it—well—worked "better" than expected which required some adjustments.

  • The promo pics use Hiro3's eyelash/eyebrow transparency maps because imo they look better, but the poses included in the kit reference the hi-res transparency maps from the Aiko3 Morphs and Map pack (…), so you will need that. Otherwise, use the lo-res maps from the Aiko 3 Base pack.
  • The mat poses will work with Hiro3, but the morph injections are not compatible.
  • NoNostril Morph may not work correctly or conflict with other facial morphs.
May be used in any personal/commercial artwork. May not be redistributed without permission.

Under the Creative Commons License, attribution can be provided by linking back to any of the following pages:

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Thanks for creating this, as a Aiko 3 user im very thankful.