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Fate/Extella, Fate Grand Order
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NOT out of DeviantArt—unless DeviantArt starts pulling the same fuckery that Facebook is pulling with embeddable content coming from both Facebook and Instagram. The gist is (for those who don't want to follow the link) if you're a content creator and run a WordPress site—or any site that supports oEmbed—and make heavy use of your chosen platform's ability to embed content from Facebook or Instagram, then on October 24th, that all goes bye-bye. No, your content on those two platforms won't be deleted, but if you're embedding that piece of content on your personal site then these changes will break the embed. But wait, there's more. You can continue to embed content IF you sign up for an api key. Which can be a pain in the butt. Basically, Facebook is looking to end unauthenticated embed requests. The concern here is that sometime down the line, Facebook might decide to pull something along the lines of what Google did with the Maps API—which used to be free for you to get an API
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Sometime back at the beginning of the year (seems like three years ago, though), I posted a preview of the opening scene of Silent Shadow: Firestorm. This story is the follow-up to Silent Shadow: Hawk & Wolf, and provides more meat to the characters and relationships of Syleth, Rowan, and Kestrel. Firestorm also introduces a new character named Javanne, who is pivotal to the main plot. I started writing the first two chapters shortly after I posted the preview, but then paused because I started a new job just in time for the pandemic and subsequent shut-downs. I also took some time to play Fate Grand Order as well. I finally found time and stability to begin filling out those plot points at the end of August. It also bloomed into something more. I realized that I needed to get the characters and their motivations down, and further complicating the matter, I came up with the idea of a new life-form and its own evolutionary cycle—which I also needed to document more thoroughly. So in
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The main worst thing about DeviantArt's Eclipse: it's basically like Facebook and Pinterest hooked up on a drunken one-night stand, and Eclipse was the result. I'm not sure what DeviantArt was trying to accomplish by switching out something that had worked for roughly 15 years to this dumpster-fire called a website. The worst part is trying to find notifications and watch updates. It's frustrating and irritating all around. At least they gave the users a choice between color-schemes, it's something but not much. Either way, it looks like Eclipse is here to stay and we'll just have to get used to it.
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