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The Artwork of Silent Shadow

Below is a gallery of everything that I've done on Silent Shadow since 2005 (hard to believe how long ago that was.) All of the characters have gone through some appearance adjustments.

Syleth Reshay

2005, Syleth had a sort of innocent look to her, which did not fit with what I in mind for the character. She was supposed to be 28 years old but looked more like 16, so over time, I adjusted her appearance to look older and tougher. Syleth's appearance was adjusted slightly to give the impression of someone whose racial background can't be determined. This goes with the canon that I have in my head about the Reshay family's background. Syleth herself is actually half yokai—her father unknown and her mother was...hmm... yeah. The teal deer is that I based Syleth's childhood off my own—the concept of the absent father and abusive mother—as a means of coming to terms with my own childhood. Note: my father wasn't absent, but he was emotionally absent, which is just as bad as not being there in my humble opinion.

Syleth Reshay Character 2015 v1

Rowan Ōkami (later Reshay)

2005, Rowan started off with a last name: Andurs. But later, I decided to change that because yokai generally don't have last names. Since I restarted work on the comic at the beginning of the pandemic, I ended up fleshing out his character more, which meant fleshing out his past. Then it occurred to me that umm hey, yokai have families too so I gave him a last name—the Japanese word for "wolf." Yeah yeah, I know. Not very clever and a little too onpoint but it works. I'm still having difficulty nailing down his personality, though. Kind of a copout, but part of me wants to play with the idea of using the personality traits of my long-time boyfriend (he wouldn't mind as he loves my work) to nail down Rowan's. I also adjusted Rowan's appearance in the same ways that I adjusted Syleth's—namely to make him appear older and less like a teenager. Spoiler: he's four years older than Syleth. Another spoiler, Syleth and Rowan do have a past together but by the opening of Hawk & Wolf, he had lost most of his memories due to something I'm not ready to give away just yet.

Silent Shadow - Rowan

Kestrel Amane

2005, Kestrel was a very minor character—Syleth's spirit guide. She only shows up once in the earlier pages. In 2017, I decided to flesh her character out more and make her into one of the main characters. Kestrel is Syleth's best friend from childhood. She's the main person that helps Syleth keep her head on straight when Sy is feeling homicidal—the other person being Rowan. She also serves as a healer for when Sy is seriously injured in the field. Which fits directly into her career as a paramedic. There's a few other deets there but I'll leave those out for now.

Silent Shadow Tarot: Kestrel
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Bots are a lot like roaches. Drop a crumb and they swarm. It's barely been an hour since I posted my most recent deviation and already I'm getting those "secret muse" requests. Whoever you are that keeps sending them? We all know you're a goddamned scammer. You're not fooling anyone. And finally? Go eat a dick.
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I don't think I'm completely sold on Eevee Next. Sure, it brings raytracing to Eevee. Yes, it's needed to get Eevee closer to Cycles, but it almost feels like a downgrade. When I compare the two, the EN render looks dead in comparison to legacy. Two of the things that I've noticed is that Eevee Next seems to lack options for bloom and ambient occlusion—unless I'm missing something. Searching around on the 'nets is turning up blank, unfortunately. Don't get me wrong. Some of the lighting in the EN render looks really nice, but it's lacking a certain warmth that EL has. I'd do a comparison render in Cycles but a lot of my shaders are basically npr-based, even though it doesn't look like it in these two pictures. So that means my shader workflow makes heavy use of the Shader to RGB node. That being said, there's a part of me that wants to see Eevee Next delayed for another version. Especially in light of the fact that Eevee Legacy is going to be removed. Even though 4.2 is still alpha
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