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One Last Birthday Together

By Ardail
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"Your father would be so proud if he could see you now. He would have wanted you to have this.... happy birthday my little Apple Blossom"
"Oh WOW! Dad gave me this?! Will he come back for my birthday this year.... momma, why are you crying?"

Headcanon Pear Butter dies soon after giving birth to Apple Bloom, this is right before AJ leaves to the city to live with her Aunt and uncle orange. Unable to bear the pain of the memories at home.

I wonder if Pear Butter ever sings her kids this song…
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RIP Pear Butter and Bright Mac

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Momma dies of cancer (or some disease) and somehow I think Poppa died in a farming accident.
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This is so beautiful yet really sad 😢 💔
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So bittersweet, you did such an amazing job :')
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This is so cute & sad :(
Good thing I wasn't using my heart atm :(
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Uh, oh, she must have had Type Qa blood. That’s an extremely difficult blood type for horses to find a suitable donor. They have 8 types with dozens of antigen subtype combinations. Also, they have a lousy shelf life compared to humans, although I have no idea why. Might be a large herbivore metabolic quirk.
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Why must you hurt me this way? 
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because I hate myself lmao xD
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Almost a masterpiece of art ... especially with the expressions and the atmosphere of it.
Luckily, I'm not sentimental, I hardly cry when there are others nearby.
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The liquid in my eyes makes this piece a bit blurry.

Very well done.

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And there is my dose of feels for the day. ;w;

Beautiful work, Ardail. <3
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Ahhh the Feeeels !!!

This is a truly heart melting piece, a real show of love ;w;

Thank you for this artwork ^^ looking forward to seeing what you do next. XD

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Angry Birds Stella hurt feelings by ilvbrownies This is pretty much my reaction once I realized the implications...well played...I need to go look at some silly stuff now. As to lullabies perhaps this, this, or this with some altered lyrics for the first two). 
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:( well played... nice work
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Never mind, I wasn't using that heart anyways. ;^;
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Oh my God Ardail! This is one of the best and most emotional pieces I saw in the fandom <3
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awww you're too kind ^^;
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*paying respects *
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This is so beautiful and sad Waaaah! Really hits you in the feels.
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This is heavy. Beautiful and sad, amazing work.
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My wife just asked me why I was crying. Damn, I thought I'd hid it better. Thank God she truly understands.
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well that's good ya married a fellow nerd
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I'm not crying YOU'RE CRYING
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