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Artist // Student // Varied
  • Nov 6
  • New Zealand
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My Bio
Greetings. I love to work with ink, paint and crafts to create geometric artworks which reflect the visionary states which I experience throughout my Earthly experience.
I have had contact, communications and healing experiences with advanced extraterrestrial light beings and they have been facilitating alot of my creativity and inspiration around my artwork.

I have a youtube where I speak in depth about my ET contacts and metaphysical experiences.

Namaste, peace and blessings, love to all !

I also sell crystals and crystal pendants, wands , energy tools.
Check them out on my Etsy Page :…
Come like my facebook page !
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Timeless being, extending through an interstellar sea, Non- locality, our energy was always free, Like nebulas and galaxies, spiralling infinity, All of creation embodied light, Eons passing by, earth in galactic flight, Sacred mother in cosmic motion, Like veins of rivers, great bodies of ocean, Life flows, Flows, Flows, It knows. Playground of elements, gravity and fields, Biodiversity encapsulated by the planetary shield, Travelling with starry waves, Rotations and spins, Harmonics pave the way. Sun, moon, and solar system friends, Like mixing colours, intergalactic family blends, Falling spheres, colourful beads, As if god playin
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Teachers of light, give us the wisdom and guidance in these times to move into the heart and access the inner knowing which will bring fourth the higher vibratory rays of light. As the heart centers unfolds, we move back into the Divine presence of the Eternal one, The higher self that orchestrates the alignment of the energy centers, allowing us to bring heaven to earth. The Earth is changing quickly with accordance to the Galactic alignment. All is synchronized in the great plan for the Earth to move into higher awareness. All of you are the teachers of light and and it is in these times that you are asked to hold the flame of universal
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Are you still reachable through here? Is there a way to DM or email you about a project?
My brother thank you for sharing your art!
It is amazing the way you can put all of your visions/insights into paper.
Pls continue to inspire and surprise us.
All the best! ;D
Just think this is what the new earth means.. Everyone will have these abilities when born. Imagine an earth where everyone have these abilities ! This is what  we are hearing for. Keep up the great work ant! 
Eh up how's that doin? Pretty impressed with the telekinesis, never managed it myself! Be careful not to push yourself too far too soon, have a rest you will still be here Tom and the day after, your mind is great x