Sunday Soundcheck: Set 044

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Lander Configurations

Of Smoke & Fire - 2011

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Post Rock, Ambient, Slowcore, Shoegaze, Indie, Experimental

The 44th edition of the Sunday Soundcheck looks at an obscure act from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Lander Configurations have only released one album to date, the 2011 Of Smoke & Fire. However, the expansive maturity of their sound belies the fact that this is the only entry in their discography. Carefully weaving an aesthetic somewhere between the usual crescendo-compositions of post-rock and the slow, brooding rhythms of slowcore, the band is an engaging listen from beginning to end. Primarily instrumental, they utilise vocals far back in the mix from time to time and, unlike many other acts who've followed the same approach in recent years, they do so without sounding contrived or obnoxiously emotional.

The entire release is an experience from beginning to end, and I would recommend listening through as such.

To listen to their music, simply click on the album covers to be taken to their respective pages. If you've any recommendations based on this artist, or wish to promote some music that you yourself enjoy, please do so in the comments. Maybe I'll end up enjoying something enough to feature it myself.

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This is really beautiful - Wonderful suggestion Darren :clap: