Sunday Soundcheck: Set 031

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This week...

Parliament of Owls

Crow - 2009

Origin Point:
United Kingdom

Sounds Like:
Acoustic, Folk, Ambient, Experimental

Another recommendation from the excellent Shelsmusic label, this time the obscure and mysterious Parliament of Owls. Little is known about this act, other than that they are based in London and produce sorrowful, acoustic-led melodies with haunting vocals and ambient passages. This 2009 release is their only mark on the musical world; a hushed and exhausted dirge that's best listened through headphones in the early hours of the morning.

I'll be featuring significantly more-recognisable bands in future, but for now, enjoy the latest offering of hidden treasure.

To listen to their music, simply click on the album covers to be taken to their respective pages. If you've any recommendations based on this artist, or wish to promote some music that you yourself enjoy, please do so in the comments. Maybe I'll end up enjoying something enough to feature it myself.

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So I try to look for *Shels fan art and I find another band to try out. Thank you, kind sir.