Sunday Soundcheck: Set 020

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This week...

Pete Davis

The Pottsville Conglomerate - 2011

Origin Point:
United States

Sounds Like:
Singer-Songwriter, Avant-Garde, Folk, Indie Rock, Progressive, Alternative, Experimental

I thought I would select something a little from left-field for my 20th edition of the Sunday Soundcheck, and this certainly fits the bill.

Pete Davis is an obscure American songwriter who has been consistently writing and producing his own music since before he left high school. While his early material is mostly unassuming acoustic folk, things take a turn for the orchestral macabre in The Pottsville Conglomerate: an album that is 95 minutes long and was five years in the making. Showcasing a pinwheeling vocal style and a dizzying array of instruments layered throughout, the album assaults the senses from beginning to end with a dark, carnival-esque folk-based nightmare surrealist vision. It's a slow-burner that grows in stature towards the end of the running order, so be sure to listen through the entire release if it piques your interest to start with.

To listen to their music, simply click on the album covers to be taken to their respective pages.

Now, I know the discussion of music can be an emotionally charged subject for some people, but I'm not claiming that anything is better than anything else. This is no more than a soap-box for me to promote music that I enjoy; maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. That's fine.

If you've any recommendations based on this artist, or wish to promote some music that you yourself enjoy, please do so in the comments. Maybe I'll end up enjoying something enough to feature it myself.

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i don't know - the more I listen to the voice it reminds me of peter gabriel :D
great album, really like it :thumbsup: