Sunday Soundcheck: Set 004

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This week...


Agape - 2011

.neon - 2010

Lantlôs - 2008

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Black Metal, Post Metal, Post Rock, Shoegaze

This week's selection is not for the faint-hearted, as I move from post-rock territory deep into the cold forests of black metal. Unlike the usual Fimbuvetr roots of the genre, however, Lantlôs venture into, and are one of the pioneers of, a genre now dubbed blackgaze. For those who are accustomed to the black metal vocal style, this band is a treat: their sound ranges from fairly atmospheric depressive black metal through to almost Noir-jazz ambient sections, with a post-rock crescendo approach to song writing. Minusmench from .neon was a watershed moment for me upon first listen, right up there with my introduction to death/doom metal via Katatonia's Brave Murder Day.

If the Grooveshark links aren't working properly, let me know and I'll replace them with YouTube links to a specific track from each release.

Now, I know the discussion of music can be an emotionally charged subject for some people, but I'm not claiming that anything is better than anything else. This is no more than a soap-box for me to promote music that I enjoy; maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. That's fine!

If you've any recommendations based on this artist, or wish to promote some music that you yourself enjoy, please do so in the comments. Maybe I'll end up enjoying something enough to feature it myself. :]

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Throwing a tantrum because you're not online.

I took the "For those who are accustomed to the black metal vocal style..." as a personal warning, and wasn't wrong to do so -- that said, I've been working my way through and... I don't even mind it.
The shoegaze and post-rock elements are so beautifully done; though I think the lack of screamo vocals would be a vast improvement, the tracks are otherwise stunning.

Good job yon yeti.