Sunday Soundcheck: Set 003

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This week...

The Universe

2010 - 2010

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Post Rock, Ambient, Progressive, Experimental

This week I present the ambitiously-titled The Universe, hailing from the cold Swedish forests. As obscure as they are, and with only one release to the name, their quality is without doubt. With intelligent use of samples and stringed instruments, they craft a varied and memorable sound.

Now, I know the discussion of music can be an emotionally charged subject for some people, but I'm not claiming that anything is better than anything else. This is no more than a soap-box for me to promote music that I enjoy; maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. That's fine!

If you've any recommendations based on this artist, or wish to promote some music that you yourself enjoy, please do so in the comments. Maybe I'll end up enjoying something enough to feature it myself. :]

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