Daily Deviation Report: January 2013

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Hallo, and welcome to my second Daily Deviation Report. What follows is a comprehensive feature of the Daily Deviations that I featured during the month of January 2013 in the Abstract and Surreal categories. Additionally, there also a number of Conceptual works included this month as I helped out during a time when there was no Conceptual CV in place. That, of course, has now been put to rest with the appointment of astridle in the role.

In terms of this collection, all of these images caught my eye in some way; whether it be through technical perfection, compositional intrigue, or the concept within. I am proud to present these works, and I applaud the relevant artists for their dedication and inspiration.

January 1st in Conceptual
111212 18:09 by *encorine

January 2nd in Abstract
Italy Blue by *siby
Italy Blue by siby

January 3rd in Abstract
Quietly Melt Down by =OnurKorpeoglu
Quitely Melt Down by OnurKorpeoglu

January 4th in Surreal
Rush Hour I by ~FeliDae84
Rush Hour I by FeliDae84

January 5th in Conceptual
get born again by ~Snukki
get born again by AlmAArietis

January 6th in Surreal
alone by *tuminka
alone by tuminka

January 7th in Abstract
Space 2 by *Jbuth
Space 2 by Jbuth

January 8th in Conceptual
I Hide Myself Away In The Dark by *WeepingSisyphus

January 9th in Surreal
There by ~liutawras

January 10th in Surreal
qqq 11 by *metindemiralay
qqq 11 by metindemiralay

January 11th in Surreal
Lost In The Forest 49 by ~mirrormasked
Lost In The Forest 49 by mirrormasked

January 12th in Conceptual
At World's End by ~Liebeistverboten
At World's End by Liebeistverboten

January 13th in Abstract
14 Poles by ~UweLangmann
14 Poles by UweLangmann

January 14th in Surreal
Decay by *Greyguardian
Decay by Greyguardian

January 15th in Surreal
Think by ~slumberbreeze
Think by slumberbreeze

January 16th in Conceptual
SHADE by ~paRanOYiqzz

January 17th in Abstract
Sangalhos, Portugal, 2010 by ~philipz
Sangalhos, Portugal, 2010 by philipz

January 18th in Abstract
tcartsba by *m-lucia
tcartsba by m-lucia

January 19th in Abstract
Winter's Day by ~MarcinBera

January 20th in Conceptual
sotpik: simon by `goodbyejulia
sotpik: simon by ohitsmejulia

January 21st in Surreal
chains and cages by *schnotte
chains and cages by schnotte

January 22nd in Surreal
Galaxy by ~imveryconfused
Galaxy by imveryconfused

January 23rd in Conceptual
web by ~henriquefrazao
web by HenriqueFrazao

January 24th in Surreal
Come Home by *LuizaLazar
Come Home by LuizaLazar

January 25th in Abstract
Brise Soleil by ~SunsetSam

January 26th in Abstract
Out of sight by *mebilia
Out of sight by mebilia

January 27th in Conceptual
Fear of Change by ~LevAni11
Fear of Change by KISSMYBLOOD11

January 28th in Abstract
quite straight by *scheinbar
quite straight by scheinbar

January 29th in Surreal
Rainy days by =PawelMatys

January 30th in Abstract
multiple by ~incolorwetrust
multiple by incolorwetrust

January 31st in Conceptual
no title by *morgondotter
no title by morgondotter

This month, the following artists helped me greatly with my Daily Deviation features by sending suggestions to me via note for works, or artists, that they'd like to see featured. While in some cases I chose another work from the artist, their input was nonetheless invaluable as these works would not have come to my attention otherwise.

For those of you who suggested work that I did not, or have yet to, feature, thanks are also due. I appreciate each and every suggestion that I receive, and while they may not always end up with a Daily Deviation feature, it does expose me to new artworks to critique, appreciate, and feature elsewhere. Most of the content of my Friday Feature articles come from suggestions by other artists, for example! So, please, don't be discouraged if you don't get a reply or don't see your suggestions featured: feel free to send more in future.

Thank-you for your time, and all the best for the coming month.

© 2013 - 2023 arctoa
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Excellent!!! Congratulations to everyone :clap: You too Darren!!!!!