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An Introduction

Hallo, and welcome to the latest Community Relations newsletter for Abstract & Surreal Photography, written for communityrelations. Here you'll find relevant information from the last two months of abstract and surreal activity, as well as information about my features and any particular plans for the future. As always, I shall direct your attention to my Roadmap, and my Daily Deviation Guidelines; two documents that one should keep a keen eye on. The former conveniently indexes all my previous journal entries, while the latter provides useful information regarding Daily Deviation suggestions. It also links through to an editorial I published back in December regarding controversy around Daily Deviation features.

Abstract/Surreal: RoadmapAbstract & Surreal CR Newsletter
A bi-monthly round-up of news, contests and events in the Abstract & Surreal category, written for the official Community Relations newsletter. These will also form the basis of bi-monthly road-maps of their own, going into more detail than is presented here.
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Abstract & Surreal DD Report
Published on the first day of each month, these are formal articles that give detail of the precedin
Abstract/Surreal: DD GuidelinesDetailed Guidelines
If you're thinking about submitting a piece of art for consideration as a Daily Deviation, please consider the following:
I am the CV for Abstract and Surreal photography: this means that I will only consider work that is situated in either of these categories. If the piece you're wishing to suggest is not categorised in Abstract or Surreal photography, please consult this list of Community Volunteers to ascertain who an appropriate recipient would be.
To make a suggestion, just drop me a note with the subject line of DD Suggestion. Include the :thumb#########: code for the piece, which can be found to the right-hand sid

General News

Aside from my Pinboard news bulletins, four Photography Fortnightly articles have been released since the last Newsletter. These, compiled by Kaz-D, give news and updates for each of the photographic categories: since issue #52, I have written the Abstract & Surreal section myself. Be sure to check them out for information regarding group and artist activity in the abstract and surreal community. These articles also feature news about my Forum Thumbshare, which is a monthly drive to encourage people to share their abstract and surreal works, and the works of others that they particularly enjoy.

Photography Fortnightly: Edition FiftyPhotography Weekly Header created by TouchedD
"Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens..."
With the start of a brand new year, lots of resolutions are set, promises made and aspirations begun to be aspired to. What are your Photographic hopes and dreams this year? Have you just finished the 365 photography challenge? Or the 52 week Photography challenge? Are you ready to take a break? Or are you just embarking on something like that and are fresh and excited for what it might bring? With that in mind, take a look at a very interesting article from Tahog it explores the Photography Gallery Records. And why not consider heading over to deviant365 to begin your 52 week journey of challenges and inspirations?
General Photography
Community Volunteers Kaz-D | 3wyl |
Our D
Photography Fortnightly: Edition Fifty OnePhotography Weekly Header created by TouchedD
"No photographer is as good as the simplest camera."
~Edward Steichen

Since getting my first D-SLR, three years ago now, I have never been completely comfortable with the methods I use to transport it. With the camera came a bag, typical camera bag, over the shoulder type. But it's still not quite right. There are a wide range of camera bags out there now. Including one from deviantART - the dA Pro Camera Bag, but nothing has ever been quite what I need. The three common types of carrying a camera bag seem to be across the body, two straps on the back or even a belt. What do you use?
Is it snowing where you are? Check out the snow tutorial that I got to put into practice today - Photography Troubleshooting - Capturing Snow. Much of the UK has been blanketed in the stuff
Photography Fortnightly #52“Since I’m inarticulate, I express myself with images.”- Helen Levitt
Firstly - new layout courtesy of StudioLoftMedia's Journal skin! What do you think? Easier to read? Harder? No change? Thoughts and feedback appreciated!
I suppose one of the most intriguing news stories the past few weeks has been the announcement by some Restaurants in the USA that they will be banning food Photography! Some claim that it's because of the flashes going off in restaurants and spoiling the mood for other customers. Others are angry that some professional photographers are making money or getting a name for themselves by sharing images of food that someone else has 'arranged.' And then there are the few that don't like the instagram snaps floating around that don't show their dishes in the best light. But what are your thoughts on the matter? One way of getting around the lack of being able to take a photo of your dinner is that some establishments are going to allow g
Photography Fortnightly#53Photography Weekly Header created by TouchedD
"Buying a Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner."
~Author Unknown
Firstly, it's hard to believe that this newsletter has been going for a year now! Huge thanks go to all those who regularly contribute their bits and pieces to make it a great edition each time its released. Additionally thank you so much for the feedback last week on the journal skin! Now, onto some Photography bits and pieces... There has been a lot of talk and much rejoicing from many across the community lately as more and more people find themselves publishing books, or co-publishing books. The methods have varied between Etsy and then other more generic and mainstream publishers, but the underlying idea is the same - getting your work out there. So I'm intrigued in finding out how people have gone about this, whether you've had a book published, or you're working on one - in particular Photo books.
One of the other interesting phot

Daily Deviations

As Community Volunteer for Abstract and Surreal Photography, I publish Daily Deviation features each and every day. At the end of each month I collate these into reports, and since the last update there have been two of those. Additionally, I have a category in my favourites which exhibits, together, all the pieces that I have featured. As always, I am open to Daily Deviation suggestions, but please follow the guidelines I have set out and don't be discouraged if I don't reply to your note; being a CV is like spinning plates, and some forms of correspondence need to take priority over others.

Daily Deviation Report: December 2012This is the first Daily Deviation report that I have composed, so I apologise in advance if it is a little rough around the edges. Nonetheless, what follows is a comprehensive feature of the Daily Deviations that I featured during the month of December 2012. All of these images caught my eye in some way; whether it be through technical perfection, compositional intrigue, or the concept within. I am proud to present these works, and I applaud the relevant artists for their dedication and inspiration.
December 1st in Abstract
Lichtkultur by ~Miiiia

December 2nd in Abstract
Ghost. by =RJW-Photo

December 3rd in Surreal
Fossil lights by ~
Daily Deviation Report: January 2013Hallo, and welcome to my second Daily Deviation Report. What follows is a comprehensive feature of the Daily Deviations that I featured during the month of January 2013 in the Abstract and Surreal categories. Additionally, there also a number of Conceptual works included this month as I helped out during a time when there was no Conceptual CV in place. That, of course, has now been put to rest with the appointment of astridle in the role.
In terms of this collection, all of these images caught my eye in some way; whether it be through technical perfection, compositional intrigue, or the concept within. I am proud to present these works, and I applaud the relevant artists for their dedication and inspiration.
January 1st in Conceptual
111212 18:09 by *encorine

January 2nd in Abstract

Friday Feature

Since December, a large number of Friday Features have been released. These journals feature work both within and outwith the abstract and surreal community, and cover media outside of photography. Affiliated with this series is my Forum Thumbshare series, and at the end of each month a special feature is published which contains the best work submitted in each month's edition. There have also been a number of preview editions, which looked at the work of a particular artist or style.

Friday Feature: Issue 004A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

28 by Linlith
multiple by incolorwetrust
before the night by leenik
:iconmarccopeland: :iconjpthart: :iconananaa: :iconbenjoin:
:icontesener: :iconblackseafoam: :iconblueviolette: :iconbe-awesome-or-die:
:icony5y6: :iconadimymsg: :iconpawelmatys: :iconlinlith:
:iconincolorwetrust: :iconleenik: :iconisaay: :iconedhelamarth:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Friday Feature: Issue 005A Collection of -
Thumbshare Highlights

:iconMaddLouise: :iconsophiaazhou: :iconra-gro:
:icontrakeen: :iconsonikgroove: :iconNSolanki:
:iconjakezdaniel: :iconwintersread: :iconjuliabohemian:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Friday Feature: Preview EditionHallo, and welcome to a special preview edition of my regular Friday Feature series. This is rather out of synchronisation with my usual scheduling but this is definitely an exception worth taking. I present to you MarcinTurecki's self-portrait: a layered glass plate and typography sculpture of immaculate execution and narrative, and one that I feel is my duty to share with the abstract and surreal community at large.
In the words of the artist: "These conceptual works were created by thinking about reflections upon specific books. As an example, one of these was 622 Downfalls of Bungo by Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz: this book describes the problems of identity. The rest follow a similar pattern".

MarcinTureki's Gallery
Friday Feature: Issue 006A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

Paranoid Dusk by FxSanyi
High voltage by Saradesbois
SWAMP by puken
Eyeline by leapintotheboundless
these woods breathe evil. by slavic-frost
:iconChaosFissure: :iconParasit3: :iconchriseastmids: :iconxthumbtakx:
:iconra-gro: :iconizaaaaa: :iconinsolitus85: :iconfabiokeiner:
:iconraps555: :icontxay: :iconFxSanyi: :iconrieadd:
:iconsarahaitali: :iconpuken: :iconleapintotheboundless: :iconohyda:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Friday Feature: Issue 007A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

Lifelines: Signs of static and sound . x by sophiaazhou
etu46 by Heardbydeaf
Droidography 013 - Cries on the Wind by DpressedSoul
directions by CasheeFoo
bubbles by crh
Star by Phoenixstamatis
:iconsteve2727: :iconalexandre-bordereau: :iconschnotte: :iconjfdupuis:
:iconwhiteviolet: :iconchalee9533: :iconmodernmilk: :iconsolefield:
:iconsp0oki: :icontuxedowerewolf: :iconsophiaazhou: :iconheardbydeaf:
:icondpressedsoul: :iconcasheefoo: :iconcrh: :iconphoenixstamatis:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Friday Feature: Issue 008A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

bridge by adibudojo
Freedom 2 by konspix
Beautiful Thorn by Rawangtak
3,1 36 3,8 by Writto
Watercolor texture in red and cyan by jane-beata
:iconConceptualMiracles: :iconCarlosMoreira: :iconeintoern: :iconencorine:
:iconfr31g31st: :icondilekgenc: :iconpurplesplee: :iconinfunkwetrust:
:iconsnowfall-lullaby: :iconLeMatos: :iconboiledfrog: :iconadibudojo:
:iconkonspix: :iconrawangtak: :iconwritto: :iconjane-beata:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Friday Feature: Issue 009A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

On Fire by PoLazarus2
Windmill by LutherBash
Hopeless by tholang
Playground Underwater by SweetPeaPhototc
The Rejected Purpose by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel
:iconzwoing: :iconmarkie2k: :iconl-drolma: :iconaobaob:
:iconhenriquefrazao: :iconshoreham-boy: :iconexsakura: :iconorchid-fabric:
:iconcrossfading: :iconacidfast: :iconpolazarus2: :iconlutherbash:
:icontholang: :iconsweetpeaphototc: :iconcoffeetoffeesquirrel: :iconthinking-silence:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Friday Feature: Issue 010A Collection of -
Thumbshare Highlights

:iconjussta: :iconmiguel-santos: :iconwrouquephotography:
:iconpartiallyhere: :iconvaldna: :iconnonintentional:
:iconmusetta30: :iconwatersmoke: :iconjuliabohemian:
Featured Artists
Other Entries
Friday Feature: Issue 011A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

Peter's Planar Partouze by SeamusHooligan
Magic Of Fall by EliseEnchanted
Monochrome Mountians by TimGrey
::Sunny Side Up:: by cichutko
+' by LenScapist
:iconargylekidd: :iconzemni: :iconephemeral-artifacts: :iconoriontrail:
:iconmj-magic: :iconsmfoley: :iconhedzzation: :iconaerobozt:
:iconronnyengelmann: :iconaysenursarier: :iconseamushooligan: :iconemotionalitystudios:
:iconeliseenchanted: :icontimgrey: :iconcichutko: :iconlenscapist:
Featured Artists
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Friday Feature: Preview EditionHallo, and welcome to another special preview edition of my regular Friday Feature series. While this particular update is rather asynchronous with my usual feature scheduling, it is certainly an exception that is occasionally worth taking. This time, I present to you an example of bizarre coincidence of form and an outrageous display of unrolled chance and intrigue. Read on!
Whilst recently browsing through galleries with no particular aim in mind, I came across two remarkably similar compositions that are themselves examples of high surreality. These were discovered at random, without the use of any search aids or the new More Like This feature, and as such I was moved enough to mention to each artist that their work has a near-twin, to their general bemusement. The two pieces in question follow on from this somewhat superfluous rambling; please enjoy, and do look forward to my full Friday Feature later this evening.
Friday Feature: Issue 012A Collection of -
Recent Discoveries

animalerrant by Animalerrant
Meadow house by Al-Baum
09292011-2 by hoaxeye
Wynn Hotel by avjake
:iconasruldwi: :iconfourteatwo: :iconben9-3: :iconeminguyen:
:iconlittlemine: :iconlealion: :iconhir77: :iconsultan-alghamdi:
:iconchaosfissure: :iconblaubeerkuchen: :iconanimalerrant: :iconleichenblass:
:iconkittonni: :iconal-baum: :iconhoaxeye: :iconavjake:
Featured Artists
Other Entries

Saturday Spotlight

My Saturday Spotlight series has become, perhaps, my most popular and well-received action since starting my tenure as Abstract and Surreal Community Volunteer. Each week, I interview a prominent member of the abstract and surreal community, and invite each artist to share their thoughts and opinions on the genre and their work. While it is the most time-consuming aspect of my role, it is definitely the most rewarding and I am glad that it's being enjoyed by the rest of the community: it was originally planned only to be a monthly feature running for one year, but this week I published my twelfth edition and there's no end in sight just yet!

Saturday Spotlight: Volume 004An Interview with-

Einsilbig's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
Hi, and thanks for the feature! My name is Julian, (un-)known as Einsilbig here on deviantART. My interests are many kinds of Art (music, especially guitar, and singing; and photography of course), Psychology as I am studying that, badminton, and there was a time I was cooking a lot :).
> Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?
I really have to say that a year ago I didn't have any interest in abstract or surreal art. More specifically,
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 005An Interview with-

Anoxia-Photography's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
Well; my name is Hooman, 27. That is all I am. Interests? Basically everything.
> Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?
I'm not quite sure where I started, but lately it has come to my attention that most of the things I do (not just in photography) in one way or another ends in abstraction or surrealism.
> How would you explain the concept of Abstraction or Surrealism to someone with no experience w
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 006An Interview with-

ChaosFissure's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
My name is Sam, however I tend to go by ChaosFissure online. I'm currently a junior in college studying Applied Computer Science, with a concentration in video game design. There are a wide variety of things I enjoy doing: digital art, coding, game design, SCUBA diving, and being a roller coaster aficionado (at least in my younger years!) are just scratching the surface of what I like. I also enjoy trying to help out wherever I can; I get great satisfaction if I'm able to help someone learn something new, or share some o
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 007An Interview with-

Dyloulee's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
I don't consider myself as a photographer, but rather as an image-maker. I always love art. Whether it is the visual arts such as painting or photography, but also music and literature. I love dreams and I need to get away from it all.
> Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?
I'm totally self-taught and I got to photography and digital art intuitively. In my youth, I used to make collages; that's really fun. Later, I found the same pleasure with photo-manipu
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 008An Interview with-

Megalithicmatt's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
Hi, my name’s Matthew Davidson - I go by the moniker Megalithicmatt because I like visiting ancient sites such as stone circles and standing stones. I’m a geochemist, not an artist or designer by trade, so my photographs are taken purely as a hobby, though I have considered becoming a working photographer in the past. Aside from history and archaeology, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing and anything that gets me out into the countryside.
> Where did you begin with arti
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 009An Interview with-

PsycheAnamnesis' Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
I was born into this world around 20 years ago and the name I have had since then is Alexandra. Art is nowadays the driving engine of an otherwise sordid existence, with photography being the focal point of my interests.
> Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?
My appetite for artistic endeavours started to grow from the moment I came into posession of my first point-and-shoot camera a few years ago. I see photography as a way of s
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 010An Interview with-

KingaagniK's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
My name is Kinga; I'm 20 years old, and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I take courses at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, because I would like to pass their next entrance exams in April. Becoming a major in Photography at this university is my biggest dream. I'm interested in art and music, and I live on horror movies and hot coffee.
> Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?
I grew up in an artistic environment, which means there are many p
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 011An Interview with-

augenweide's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
For a long time I - Peter, 55 years old - have been a gardener, living in a rural area in the northern part of Germany. I always have the option of being outside, coming across the elements, and embracing the light. Besides my interest in photography I take time for music, movies and books, but the stuff has to inspire me; I have to get moved inside by it. In my work I have a constant contact with plants, with nature, light and weather. In doing work I am descrying many details; I am sharpening my senses, and I am getting an acq
Saturday Spotlight: Volume 012An Interview with-

JakezDaniel's Gallery
> Please introduce yourself, in your own words. What are your interests?
My name is Stéphane. I am a Frenchman who moved to Finland in 1996 for reasons of love. I am interested in literature, music, and movies as an appreciator, and in photography as a producer.
> Where did you begin with artistic endeavours? How did you come across Abstraction or Surrealism?
As a child I was loved to use pens, making monochrome drawings of portraits and landscapes. Later, in my late teens, I turned to Chinese ink drawings, just black and white compositions on cardboard. Music was my i

Sunday Soundcheck

Planned to be something to end the week in a light-hearted manner, this series has proven to be surprisingly popular, and with the music I am featuring there is certainly a connection to the abstract and surreal genre; I tend to enjoy artists whose sound is either deconstructed or rebuilt beyond recognition. Nonetheless, this is a slightly off-topic look back at the journals that have been published since the last update. Maybe you'll find something you'll enjoy. Who knows?

Sunday Soundcheck: Set 004This week...


Agape - 2011

.neon - 2010

Lantlôs - 2008
Origin Point:
Sounds Like:
Black Metal, Post Metal, Post Rock, Shoegaze
This week's selection is not for the faint-hearted, as I move from post-rock territory deep into the cold forests of black metal. Unlike the usual Fimbuvetr roots of the genre, however, Lantlôs venture into, and are one of the pioneers of, a genre now dubbed blackgaze. For those who are accustomed to the black metal vocal style, this band is a treat: their sound ranges from fairly atmospheric depressive black metal through to almost
Sunday Soundcheck: Set 005This week...


Fade - 2012

Let Yourself Be Huge - 2011

Beacons - 2010
Origin Point:
United States
Sounds Like:
Post Rock, Progressive, Instrumental, Math Rock, Djent, Post Metal, Shoegaze
This week I have selected Cloudkicker, an outfit from the United States whose huge sound belies the fact it's a one-man show. His latest three albums are a treat to the ears; instrumental rock at its finest with each a distinct aesthetic. Beacons is a frenzied assault on the senses, made all the more poignant by the concept that each song title is a quote taken from blackbox recordings o
Sunday Soundcheck: Set 006This week...

The Feral Text

Untitled - 2010

The Coldest Geometry - 2007

Architectures - 2006
Origin Point:
Sounds Like:
Art Rock, Post Rock, Electronica, Alternative Rock
The Feral Text, formerly known as Brenda, is an outfit based in and around London and the south coast of England. Their relative obscurity is unfortunate, as the band crafts an outstanding blend of sounds with sublime vocals not unlike those of the late Jeff Buckley, particularly with their first full release, Architectures. Later work introduces more of a concise song-writing style and s
Sunday Soundcheck: Set 007This week...

Years of Rice & Salt

Nothing of Cities - 2011

Service Bell - 2009
Origin Point:
Sounds Like:
Post Rock, Instrumental, Folk, Experimental
This week's recommendation is a lesser-spotted post-rock/folk band based in London. Years Of Rice & Salt take a well-worn post-rock sound, and fuse it with folk sensibilities and a sparse but intelligent use of vocals and classical crescendos to create a cinematic soundtrack-esque wall of noise; it captivates over two releases but will linger in the mind for much longer.
Now, I know the discussion of music can be an emotionally charged subject for some people, but I'm not claiming that anything is better than any
Sunday Soundcheck: Set 008This week...

Cult of Luna

Vertikal - 2013

Eternal Kingdom - 2008

Somewhere Along The Highway - 2006

Salvation - 2004
Origin Point:
Sounds Like:
Post Metal, Sludge Metal, Post Rock, Progressive, Experimental
Forming from the demise of a hardcore band, Cult of Luna began with the same sort of sludge/hardcore style on their first two releases in the early 2000s. However, their sound diversified significantly on 2004's Salvation to encompass a wide range of me
Sunday Soundcheck: Set 009This week...


Untitled - 2005

Wintersleep - 2003
Origin Point:
Sounds Like:
Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive, Acoustic
This week, a band that has since lurched into the mainstream with a generic indie-rock sound but started out as a melancholic, expansive, and at times emotionally crushing outfit. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Wintersleep's first two albums contain an eloquent, emotional sensibility that demands a repeat listen. Personal highlights from the first album include Assembly Lines and Motion, while Insomnia and A Long Flight stands out from their untitled second release.
Sunday Soundcheck: Set 010This week...

Altar of Plagues

Mammal - 2011

Tides - 2010
Origin Point:
Republic of Ireland
Sounds Like:
Atmospheric Black Metal, Post Metal, Blackgaze, Industrial, Ambient, Post Rock
An immediate disclaimer: there are harsh vocals aplenty here, so if that's not at all your cup of tea I suggest you give this one a miss. However, if you enjoy that vocal style or are willing to persevere or experiment with it, this is an aural treat for you.
Altar of Plagues hail from Ireland, and like similar bands from the area they incorporate a slow, crushing and hypnotic aesthetic to their doom-influenced brand of metal. In this case, they borrow heavily from the burgeoning post-metal and blackgaze genres to
Sunday Soundcheck: Set 011This week...


Waking Season - 2012

Tertia - 2009

The Four Trees - 2007

You Are The Conductor - 2005
Origin Point:
United States
Sounds Like:
Post Rock, Instrumental, Ambient, Post Metal, Progressive
Caspian is an act that, since their first blistering notes on You Are The Conductor, has consistently provided a vibrant, dense, and concise post-rock aesthetic that never outstays its welcome. Now one of the mainstays of the post-rock genre, their sound has ins
Sunday Soundcheck: Set 012This week...


MMIX - 2012

Journey... Two Years And A Fragment - 2008
Origin Point:
Sounds Like:
Post Rock, Blackgaze, Post Metal
This week, my attention is turned to a now-defunct act from Germany. Líam's sound falls somewhere between post-rock and blackgaze, which itself is an obscure hybrid of shoegaze and black metal. What's different about this band is that they are mostly instrumental, and mostly within the bounds of post-rock: their last release in particular has a markedly bright and iridescent sound amidst the melancholy. As such, I recommend this to those who have enjoyed this sound in the past, but have drawn a line in the sand at the harsh vocal delivery that is synonymous with

In Closing

That's it for this edition. If you've any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts: I'm receptive to ideas and I enjoy feedback and conversation. Thank-you for your time and for your appreciation, and all the best for the coming change of season.

© 2013 - 2023 arctoa
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