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Abstract & Surreal CR Newsletter

A bi-monthly round-up of news, contests and events in the Abstract & Surreal category, written for the official Community Relations newsletter. These will also form the basis of bi-monthly road-maps of their own, going into more detail than is presented here.

Abstract & Surreal DD Report

Published on the first day of each month, these are formal articles that give detail of the preceding month's Daily Deviations that I was responsible for featuring. Additionally, special thanks are given to the suggesters of each Daily Deviation I feature.

Abstract & Surreal Pinboard Update

Published on the first day of each month, these are formal articles that give detail of the preceding month's Daily Deviations that I was responsible for featuring. Additionally, special thanks are given to the suggesters of each Daily Deviation I feature.

Abstract & Surreal Forum Thumbshare

A monthly outreach to the community at large to showcase their abstract and surreal work, or to promote the relevant work of others that they enjoy. The best work from each month ends up with my Feature Friday articles, while the rest can be found in these archived threads.

December 2012: Regular & Subscriber Editions
January 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
February 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
March 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
April 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
May 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
June 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
July 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
August 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
September 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
October 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions
November 2013: Regular & Subscriber Editions

The Friday Feature

Feature Friday is a weekly promotion of some the great work on deviantART that comes to my attention in the week leading up to each issue. While the majority of my features will be abstract or surreal photography, expect to see some variations on a theme and in media as I browse beyond my allocated genre.

Issue 001: Recent Discoveries
Issue 002: Recent Discoveries
Issue 003: Recent Discoveries
Issue 004: Recent Discoveries
Issue 005: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 006: Recent Discoveries & Preview
Issue 007: Recent Discoveries
Issue 008: Recent Discoveries
Issue 009: Recent Discoveries
Issue 010: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 011: Recent Discoveries
Issue 012: Recent Discoveries & Preview
Issue 013: Recent Discoveries
Issue 014: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 019: Recent Discoveries
Issue 020: Recent Discoveries
Issue 021: Recent Discoveries
Issue 022: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 023: Recent Discoveries
Issue 024: Recent Discoveries
Issue 025: Recent Discoveries & Preview
Issue 026: Recent Discoveries
Issue 027: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 028: Recent Discoveries
Issue 029: Recent Discoveries
Issue 030: Recent Discoveries
Issue 031: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 032: Recent Discoveries
Issue 033: Recent Discoveries
Issue 034: Recent Discoveries
Issue 035: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 036: Recent Discoveries
Issue 037: Recent Discoveries
Issue 038: Recent Discoveries
Issue 039: Recent Discoveries
Issue 040: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 041: Recent Discoveries
Issue 042: Recent Discoveries
Issue 043: Recent Discoveries
Issue 044: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 045: Recent Discoveries
Issue 046: Recent Discoveries
Issue 047: Recent Discoveries
Issue 048: Thumbshare Highlights
Issue 049: Recent Discoveries
Issue 050: Recent Discoveries
Issue 051: Recent Discoveries
Issue 052: Recent Discoveries
Issue 053: Thumbshare Highlights

The Saturday Spotlight

Spotlight feature articles are a weekly promotion of a talented artist within the abstract/surreal community, whether that be as a photographer or practitioner of another medium. Usually these will take the form of features, but will sometimes be text-based interviews asking their ideas about and inspirations behind the genre.

Volume 001: Elli71
Volume 002: limnides
Volume 003: Coldwave-Enigma
Volume 004: Einsilbig
Volume 005: Hamish-Frost
Volume 006: ChaosFissure
Volume 007: Dyloulee
Volume 008: Megalithicmatt
Volume 009: PsycheAnamnesis
Volume 010: KingaagniK
Volume 011: augenweide
Volume 012: JakezDaniel
Volume 013: insolitus85
Volume 014: Une-Vache

The Sunday Soundcheck

A light-hearted and off-topic way to end the week, the Sunday Soundcheck will be my soap-box for promoting music that I appreciate. Got recommendations? Send them my way.

Set 001: *shels
Set 002: Jakob
Set 003: The Universe
Set 004: Lantlôs
Set 005: Cloudkicker
Set 006: The Feral Text
Set 007: Years of Rice & Salt
Set 008: Cult of Luna
Set 009: Wintersleep
Set 010: Altar of Plagues
Set 011: Caspian
Set 012: Líam
Set 013: Max Richter
Set 014: Bark Psychosis
Set 015: Brambles
Set 016: This Will Destroy You
Set 017: Les Discrets
Set 018: Russian Circles
Set 019: Redjetson
Set 020: Pete Davis
Set 021: Callisto
Set 022: October Tide
Set 024: Whale Fall
Set 025: Constants
Set 026: Kokomo
Set 027: Del Rey
Set 028: Battle of Mice
Set 029: Glorie
Set 030: Trifonic
Set 031: Parliament of Owls
Set 032: Radiohead
Set 033: Ulver
Set 034: Alaska
Set 035: The Ascent of Everest
Set 036: Less
Set 037: Year of No Light
Set 038: Rosetta
Set 039: Bateleur
Set 040: Aereogramme
Set 041: Giant Squid
Set 042: Self-Evident
Set 043: Doves
Set 044: Lander Configurations
Set 045: ISIS
Set 046: Equus
Set 047: Yndi Halda
Set 048: Rose Kemp
Set 049: LHASA
Set 050: ioseb
Set 051: Černá
Set 052: We Were Promised Jetpacks
Set 053: Fbcfabric & Reindeer

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