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Hallo everyone, and welcome to November. This is my last pinboard update as your Abstract & Surreal Photography gallery director as my term ends in a few weeks, but this has been covered in greater length elsewhere. Here's to the last fortnight of features, submissions, and collaborations.

This is just a short piece of correspondence to let you know about some current Community Relations-led events that might be of interest and relevance to the Abstract & Surreal community. Feel free to take part, or to inform me of other abstract and surreal happenings that you know of or are involved with: I'll be sure to update this journal to include them here.

Monthly Photography Critique Thread

Watched over by Kaz-D and 3wyl, this is a monthly initiative to get people to comment and particularly critique on the works of others. It also offers artists the chance to submit one piece of their own work for critique by their peers. This is a worthwhile cause, and I feel it may be useful to members of the abstract and surreal community whose work struggles to garner feedback. The November edition is now live and you can take part here.

Monthly Abstract & Surreal Thumbshare

This is a recurring feature of mine that invites all abstract and surreal artists to take part and share a selection of their own abstract and surreal work. It doesn't matter about the medium; I feel that the genre is more important than the processes involved in creating an image. If you don't have any relevant work of your own, or simply if you'd prefer, you're also welcome to share the work of others that you particularly enjoy. The regular edition of the thread can be found here, and the premium edition for subscribers can be found here. At the end of the month, the nine images that I enjoy most will be published in a special Feature Friday article.

Monthly Photography Chat Events

Any updates relating to chat events will be published here. Currently there are no specific photographic events scheduled, but there are some community-related chats coming up in the near future.

Monthly Feature & News Roundup

Here is the main source of updates and features from the major abstract and surreal groups. Please do check out the links and features which follow this introduction, as there is much to be found of great interest and intrigue throughout their content. Additionally, I have included news updates from relevant sources, and personal journals worth another look.

Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 37Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 37
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
by davespertine
by dreamisdestiny1
by tholang
by ro-mi-go
Steel Wave
by Laura-Skeff
by Megalithicmatt
The beach
by lomatic
Square Overlap
by WTek79
by tholang
Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 38Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 38
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
by Coldwave-Enigma
Bromo Dawn
by Hengki24
Ireng Susu
by Fassod
artificial plantation
by scheinbar
The Wait
by CocoKingsolver
high rise nucleation
by VisitingFahrrad
Steel pipes
by LanJu85
by lomatic
Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 39Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 39
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
window to the autumn
by siby
Cry Me A River
by Canankk
Greenhouse - square
by LesEssences
by bluePartout
In transit
by StephanePellennec
Deja Vu landscape XXXVII
by ForrestBump
la porte cochere revealed its secret ...
by VisitingFahrrad
Elimination of Thought
by Fassod
Abstract and Surreal Spotlight Vol. 40Einsilbig's
Spotlight Vol. 40
Abstract and Surreal
The Spotlight
by MorwenM
by deadendsoul
Holtleven III
by Mar-jus
.Entropy Imprisoned.
by Azenoire
when pixels give it up
by EintoeRn
by Andaelentari
The Portal
by nigel-h
square 5
by Mo-Photographer
Cellar Do
Ode to simplicity - Monthly special XXIVWe proudly present a glorious selection from the October Gallery submissions Ode-to-simplicity.
Open your eyes.
Open your soul.
Feel the beauty flow within.
Don't forget to :+fav: this journal if you like it.

Collected and arranged by augenweide
Kind regards,
Ode-to-simplicity team
i love things simple by simplicity-fan keep it simple by simplicity-fan
free e-magazine about fine art photography
Nature-Abstracted : October Selection

green gras by augenweide
Sandstone by Monikker
The city of chains. by OliviaMichalski
to memory 2 by birgzett
Path of the wind I by poppy412
puddle universe by mescamesh
:iconKobalann::iconLothringen::iconaugenweide: :iconMonikker:
Selection by :
:iconjakezdaniel: :iconfant0me: :iconinsolitus85:
Best of OctoberHi there,
It's adumvgh, I've collected the top submissions from each Gallery.
Here are the best of October.
Abstract Photography

Surreal Photography

Abstract Traditional Art

Surreal Traditional Art
Randomized News 4.9Dear friends, dear members and dear watchers :heart:
after a more or less rest (virtual life yes - real life not) for two months, we want to show you today a collection out of our featured folder.
Here I pick or request pictures - most of them with humans - which grab my attention and force me to stop while the busy life keeps moving.
Hope you enjoy this small but powerful selection also:

Beautifully Damaged by alexandramanukyan
Sea Wolf by ViestursLinks
Keep on trying by Benowski
We wish you a great weekend :sun:
Your Erdtrud
Thanks a lot for all of your submissions and for sharing your art with us :-)
:icongottfriedhelnwein: :iconGloom82: :icondasTOK: :iconAnjaMillen: :iconBenoitPaille: :iconTomWasilewski: :iconIMustBeDead: :iconEclipxPhotography: :iconKizukiTamura: :iconorinoco1973: :iconViestursLinks: :iconalexandramanukyan: :iconBenowski:
Contests!Hey there everybody!
I'd like to draw your attention to two contests that you might find interesting.
The first one is hosted by A-Foggy-Day and the theme is "Fog & Trees". Read more about the details here:

The second one is hosted by theCAMERaLUCIDA and the theme is "Dreams and Nightmares". You can learn more about it here:

Good luck to everyone who is going to participate!
November Theme: Fortitude and October Winners!October Winners
Well done to all those who entered the 'Decline' themed Abstract and Surreal Contest. Without further ado, here are the winners!
1st Place

2nd Place

1st Place: 200 points and 6 months of Premium
2nd Place: 100 points and 3 months of Premium
November Challenge
This one is open to all mediums - Digital Art/Photography and Traditional Art as long as your deviation is classified as Abstract or Surreal, it will be accepted. It also has to fit the theme...Fortitude.
1. Work must be your own!
2. Any medium listed above is allowed.
3. Work must have been created this year.
4. 1 submission per member.
5. Contest closes on the 29th.
6. Submit here!
7. M

653 by davespertineUrban Dissections by Izaaaaa
653 by davespertineUrban Dissections by Izaaaaa
Urban Dissections by IzaaaaaSix Red Tears by KizukiTamura

Storwartz 04 by HorstSchmieruntitled 59 by PeterioElysian Fields by VicEberly
untitled 59 by PeterioElysian Fields by VicEberlyP. by gilbertlayole
Elysian Fields by VicEberlyP. by gilbertlayole365DAYSPROJECT130 by LucienWittwer

Claudia by sugatouchBalance (Part 3) by EinsilbigPhoenix 2.0 by AzzasArt
Balance (Part 3) by Einsilbig
One Drop

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the oceans.
~Kahlil Gibran
A Subtle Sense of PropagandaFeatures & Interviews:

What news!
As my term as Gallery Director for Abstract & Surreal Photography comes to a close - at the end of this month, to be precise - I thought it was about time to direct your attention to some journal features and interviews that I have had the honour to be involved with.
Firstly, thank-you to funkichkn for making a stamp on my behalf for the CV-related contest back in the summer: it was most unexpected and kindly appreciated. Secondly, many thanks to AngelaNorthen and Pierre-Lagarde for putting together journal features that predominantly dealt with my own compositions; it means a lot that you consider my work worthy of a solo feature. Lastly, I'd like to point out the interviews conducted by rainylake and GawrilaGhul that I was involved with; the former deals mainly with my role as Community Volunteer, while the second is more pe
Die Ghul Show with ARCTOA!:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconarctoa:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:iconarctoa:: Thank-you for the welcome, and I appreciate the invitation to take part in such an interesting project. I am looking forward to our correspondence, but as I don't normally speak about myself or my thoughts, my enjoyment here is edged with a subtle sense of trepidation!
:icondasghul:: That sounds intriguing… So, what DO you normally speak about? :)
:iconarctoa:: I speak very little, actually. I'm a rather reticent person outside of deviantART, and on the site itself - particularly in my position as a Gallery Director - I feel it's important to place the arts first, and the social aspects second. This is contrary to the site's official stance on itself as a social network, but I've always had something of a stubborn, insubordinate streak in me.
That said, I do have hobbies and interests. Aside from the obvious artistic ones that will have caused most of us to converge upon this site in the f
Photography Troubleshooting: Caring for your D-SLRTaking care of your camera doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Since I spent some time cleaning mine this weekend, I thought I'd share the equipment I use and how effective it can be. Feel free to add your own tips and experiences in the comments of this article! For general camera protection at all times - the following are great tools:
1) UV Filters - a lifesaver - really and truly it's not worth not having one!
2) LCD Screen Protector - great for putting on the display on your camera to protect it from scratches.
3) Lens Hood - Useful in the sunshine but also as added protection for your lens!
4) Lens caps - I don't take my own advice, but really lens caps are great, use them!
Source: Ephotozine
I work with a Sony D-SLR A57. It has lots of bits and pieces that require the odd bit of upkeep here and there (don't we all!) but nothing too complicat

That's all for this term; thank-you for your time.

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